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Difference Between Arabica and Colombian Coffee

Arabica vs Colombian Coffee

Like the cultivars of many crops, coffee also has many different species and lines of cultivation. There are more than 50 different species of coffee plant, and only 10 are utilized for commercial purposes. One of the most popular out of these is the Coffee Arabica. Coffee Arabica has many subvarieties.

The Arabica and the Colombian coffees are not very different from each other. The Colombian coffee is a form of Arabica coffee. Colombian coffee is also called “Washed Arabica.”

Arabica Coffee

Coffee is produced in many countries. The Arabica coffee has descended from Arabia, and hence the name “Arabica.” However, now it is being cultivated in many parts of the world. Colombia has become the major coffee growing region in South America. The coffee grown in this region is considered to be of the finest variety.

The Arabica plant takes about four to five years to bear coffee beans. In Arabia, the plant attains a height close to nine feet while in Colombia it reaches up to a height of four feet. The picking process of coffee beans is a tedious process as all the beans do not ripen simultaneously.

The coffee made out of Arabica beans is thick, dark, and very strong. It is served in small cups which are half filled. The Arabica coffee might be flavored with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, or saffron. Sugar and milk might be added, but they are optional. Arabica coffee needs to be brewed like tea. It is kept warm in a pot and is ready to serve at most times of the day. The intensity of the coffee is determined by the time it brews. If the coffee is kept in the pot for long, the strength of the coffee increases.

Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is the highest quality of coffee beans. It is low in caffeine content and acidity. Colombian coffee is a variety of Arabica beans grown exclusively in Colombia. The coffee beans are washed during the process hence this variety is also popularly called “Washed Arabica.” The washing procedure helps in purification and in reducing the acidity of the beans. This gives a richer and stronger aroma to the coffee.

Colombian coffee is considered to be of superior quality. It requires perfect environmental conditions for its growth. The beans are washed to balance the acidity of the beans to give them the ultimate, rich, and smooth taste along with a rich aroma.

Colombian coffee is sold as whole beans. It is freeze-dried, instant coffee.


  1. Colombian coffee is a variety of Arabica coffee.
  2. Colombian coffee is exclusively grown is Colombia while “Arabica coffee” is a generic term for coffee which originated from Arabia.
  3. Colombian coffee is mild while Arabic coffee is stronger.
  4. Colombian coffee may be prepared instantly while Arabic coffee has to be brewed before consumption.

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  1. It is a nice, informative, article. However, throughout the article you wrote “Colombian” correctly; yet you still spelled Colombia incorrectly the one time you wrote it. It is not a big deal at all, and understand the article is “as is, with all faults.” The only reason I bring this up is just that once upon a time an acquaintance from the United States made the same mistake; however, when I tried to correct him he tried to argue with me insisting that I was wrong, even though I am Colombian born and raised, and that he was right because that is how he was taught. Ever since then it fascinates me that so many people make that mistake, and it seems I’ve made it into a little project trying to see how many people make that mistake, and if they all have something in common such as: culture, geographical region, et. Well like I said, it’s not a big dea, you can ignore this comment if you want.

    • Mateo, you note that we spell “Colombia” incorrectly, yet you fail to illustrate the correct spelling. Please enlighten us? I was also taught to spell it “Colombia”and in fact that is how it comes up in many English references, such as encyclopedia brittanica, travel guides, the FIFA World Cup website. If the entire world is spelling it wrong, please show us the correct way that we might learn.

  2. Columbian coffee has a richer and smoother flavor. Arabica is harsh and is really nasty tasting if you like black coffee. No wonder people are trying to cover up the flavor of their coffee with all the different junk they put in it.

  3. These two sentences seem directly contradictory:

    “Colombian coffee is sold as whole beans. It is freeze-dried, instant coffee”.

    The first is accurate. The second doesn’t make much sense.

    • That’s because the author did not properly convey the information they gathered via research. I believe it should have read somewhere along the lines of “Though Comlumbia is known for thei superior coffee beans, most locals drink lower quality, instant coffee. This is because most of the high quality beans are sold for export. It is clear to me that the author had no prior knowledge before writing the article, and picked up everything here from research. Some of the points obviously were poorly comprehended by the author. The instant coffee comment is a perfect example of the author misunderstanding their research; hence, the very confusing and seemingly contradictory nature of the statement in the article.

  4. I love the earth’s coffee, the comments remind of a show called ” just for laughs” . Espresso yourself is a better way then words.

  5. Allison I like your article and found if helpful. Ignore the grammar nazis no one likes them, and everything is fine with the article 🙂

  6. The Grammar Nazis are actually Spelling Nazis and have a perfect right to be here. They are less proficient with their craft, so I thought I would help. Articles rife with grammatical and spelling incongruencies are synonymous with poorly executed articles. The proof lies clearly within this article.

  7. I have to say the usual information written about Colombian vs Arabica coffee is incomplete and misleading. They are not the same in any way. Not only that, but what you buy at the store is different from one brand to the next. I know this by my extended experience with every brand of coffee you can buy in the stores.

    I was born with a tendency for mood swings. Something I have tried to change for over 20 years. Medications worked to some extent. But always created other problems. So I targeted personal beliefs and diet. That helped me change somewhat. But the chemical aspect of the problem has always been a blessing or curse, depending on the situation.

    Moving to the country and living off the grid, I discovered the importance of drinking coffee. Through trial and error, i realized that not only does Colombian coffee make me more unstable, but it causes dizziness, sweating, and other problems. This various from brand to brand. Dunkin Donuts acted like viagra. But was no help with the moodiness. As it turns out, Mcd’s Breakfast Blend has been the biggest blessing of all. It smooths me right out. I have far less of the withdrawal symptoms, which can be a really bad thing for someone who is already moody. I just have to make sure I drink it once every day. Over time it has allowed me to get a better grip on the “good side” and discover new things about myself. In time, the coffee would be unnecessary. But I would probably still drink it because according to people before the 20th century, it is good for you. Whereas, there are false studies today that say otherwise. I guess it all depends on where it comes from since agricultural methods today are shady.

    Contrary to what this article states, Colombian coffee is stronger and has more caffeine, making it fa easier to become unstable and have withdrawal symptoms. Mcd’s is a light coffee. Gives you the effect, but over the course of the day. Drink it with purpose in mind!

    • Joe M, your comments are the best and most knowledgeable of the entire conversation. The addage “Save the best for last” perfectly applies. Thank you for sharing your coffee wisdom.

    • O.F.F.S.
      Mac Donald’s coffee!¿?!
      That is the one coffee that gives me the jitters and bad side effects after only a couple cups
      And I can drink real coffee all day long
      Taste wise it is similar to other low grade mass coffees
      But the lowest common denominator sells lots of tasteless crap because it is cheap

  8. I am a lover of Colombian coffee for me it is the best in the world

  9. Maybe we should just have a cup of positivitea oops misspelled lol.

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