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Differences between Enfamil new born and Enfamil infant

A lot of mothers out there remain confused between the Enfamil new born and the Enfamil infant formula. This is obviously a problem for parents who have very young children. Due to the fact that proper nutrition is of the utmost significance in the early years of a child’s life, it should be ensured that the best and the most nutritious of milk-meals are provided. The proper development of bones and growth of the child depends hugely on the type and nutrition level of the milk provided to the child. Therefore, it becomes very important to take the right decision regarding which formula to resort to.

Enfamil new born is like the first stage of the child’s nutrition which fulfils the requirements of the body in the immediate years after birth. Enfamil infant is the next stage that caters to the changing needs of the body. However not all infants find any one of the two suitable. It is better to test one first for a few days before continuing it as a permanent solution. This is because many infants find one of them problematic. There have been many cases where one causes problem for an infant that is teething. In addition to this, the Enfamil is also known to cause constipation in some cases. In any such case, the other Enfamil is usually the solution. If a parent wants to switch from one of these to the other, then the shift should be done gradually.

Both, the Enfamil new born and the Enfamil infant are part of the Enfamil Staged Nutrition that have been inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk. Enfamil new born is more focused and nutritionally tailored in a way that helps to support early milestone such as focusing. The needs and requirements of a new born have been addressed by Enfamil new born. In contrast to this, its counterpart Enfamil infant focuses more on the needs of an infant, that is, a child of a few months (who is no longer considered a new born). It addresses older milestones that include grasping information etc.

Let us look at the composition of these two formulas. The Enfamil new born consists of proteins that are easy to digest for the child once the child shifts from breast milk to formula milk. Moreover, there is a fixed level of Vitamin-D in order to ensure that the required amount is provided to the developing body. Enfamil infant is very similar to its counterpart but is different in some ways as well. It has a lower level of Vitamin-D and the overall formula is such that it is as close to pure breast milk than has been the case ever.

The available sizes in which the two are available also varies. In the powdered form, both are available in 22.2 oz. reusable Tubs, a 33.2 oz refill Box (2 – 16.6 oz pouches) as well as 12.5 oz cans. In addition to this, only Enfamil infant is available in powder packs that are for a single serving. Moreover, there is a ready to use liquid form also available for both the products of Enfamil. Furthermore, 13 fl oz cans of concentrate liquid are also available for Enfamil infant. No such concentrate liquid is available for Enfamil new born.

Summary of differences expressed in points


1. The two products are like the two stages of nutrition for children; new born children have nutritional needs better fulfilled by Enfamil new born; Enfamil infant is more suited for the needs of children who are a few months old

2. Either can be more suited to a particular child; if one does not suit the child, a gradual shift to the other is suggested

3. Enfamil new born- supports early milestones such as focusing; Enfamil infant addresses older milestones that include grasping information etc.

4. Enfamil new born- has proteins that are easy to digest for the child, fixed level of Vitamin-D; Enfamil infant-similar to its new born counterpart, lower level of Vitamin-D and the overall formula is very close to the nutritional value of pure breast milk

5. Different packs and pack sizes available; only Enfamil infant available in one serving powder packs and concentrate liquid cans

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