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Difference Between Powdered Milk And Fresh Milk

milkPowdered Milk vs Fresh Milk

Powdered milk is manufactured by evaporating all moisture from Milk. Milk is a liquid produced from the mammary glands of animals.

Powdered milk has a much longer shelf life than Fresh milk and does not require refrigeration. One of the purposes for manufacturing powdered milk is the ease of bulk transportation. Due to this reason this is one of the products frequently used as part of relief supplies that are transported as aid during war time, natural disasters and emergencies. This can easily be reconstituted to milk by mixing it in drinking water. Once this is mixed in water it needs to be treated as Fresh milk and needs to be refrigerated or consumed immediately.

Fresh milk is now provided in tetra packs and is generally processed through pasteurization and flash heating. This increases its shelf life and it does not need to be boiled before consumption. However, once the pack is opened it needs to be refrigerated and consumed as normal milk.

Powdered Milk also works out to be cheaper than the fresh milk. With the prices of Fresh Milk going up regularly the price of Powdered Milk have more or less remained unaffected. Powdered Milk also has almost nil Fat. Most people find the taste of the fresh milk much better than the reconstituted powder milk.

1.Powdered Milk is obtained by evaporating the moisture content from milk. Milk is a liquid produced from the mammary glands of animals.
2.Powdered Milk offers convenience of transportation in bulk apart from a very long shelf life making it suitable for use as a part of relief supplies. Fresh Milk is also available in tetra packs but the shelf life is considerably less and the transportation of tetra packs requires extra care.
3.Powder milk works out to be cheaper than fresh milk and also has almost nil fat.

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