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Difference Between Powdered Sugar and Confectioner’s Sugar

Powdered Sugar vs Confectioner’s Sugar

Almost all of the people have a sweet tooth. Children most enjoy anything sweet such as candies, chocolates, gums, and so on. It feels like heaven and happiness whenever we eat something sweet. As they say, when sad, eat chocolates. Willy Wonka, if only he was real, would always be delighted to invite us in his factory full of sweets and chocolates. Thanks to sugar, almost any dish can be sweetened possibly anytime, any day.

Sugar is actually extracted from sugar cane. It has varying types, and two of these will be discussed in this article. These are powdered sugar and confectioner’s sugar. Let us tackle both.

Powdered sugar is also called confectioner’s sugar. There are no differences. Powdered sugar has other names such as: icing sugar, frosting sugar, and 10x sugar, and 4x sugar. Powdered sugar is usually the preference in baking for one of its characteristics is the ability to dissolve quickly when being mixed with other ingredients. Thus, it is frequently used when frosting cakes.

Powdered sugar comes from granulated sugar, and granulated sugar came from sugar cane. An additional ingredient called cornstarch prevents the granules from sticking together. Granulated sugar can be ground again to become a fine sugar to its powdered form. Some people do not know what type or degree of granules they are going to get. Some would see 14x which is the highest and finest type of grain. Thus, the rule is, the higher the grain, the quicker it will dissolve. So it depends upon the baker what type of grain to buy. The label tells it all.

Confectioner’s sugar is available in the grocery. However, if you want your powdered sugar to be homemade, you can do the following steps: Prepare a blender, some granulated sugar, and lastly cornstarch. Mix the granulated sugar into the blender. Then, add two tablespoons of cornstarch into the blender. The ratio is about 200 grams of sugar to 50 grams of cornstarch or 4:1. Blend all of the ingredients until it becomes fine sugar. Wait for about 15 minutes before opening the blender and using your homemade powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar or confectioner’s sugar are used widely in cakes as well as in dusting bread with it which makes it more sumptuous to the sight and palate.


1.There are no differences between confectioner’s sugar and powdered sugar.
2.Powdered sugar is also called confectioner’s sugar, frosting sugar, or icing sugar.
3.This type of sugar comes from sugar cane.

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