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Difference Between Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Caprice

impalaChevrolet Impala vs Chevrolet Caprice

The Impala and Caprice nameplates are among the most popular in the American car industry. Both of these lines from General Motors started out as full sized automobiles but were later on reduced in size due to the rising cost of fuel. At times when both were in production, the Caprice models cost a lot more compared to the Impala.

The Impala started out as a trim option for the Chevrolet Bel Air line way back in 1958. It later separated into its own line due to the huge demand from consumers. In a very similar fashion, the Caprice also started out as a trim option for the Impala but quickly superseded the Impala in terms of sales numbers despite its much higher price. The production of the Impala was halted within a few years of the introduction of the Caprice. The production of the Caprice was also halted in 1996 due to floundering sales figures.

The Impala became known as a sporty model due to its emphasis on performance with the bigger engines, especially on the SS models. On the other hand, the Caprice model’s emphasis was on luxury and comfort. Extra features like air conditioning first appeared on the Caprice before being introduced on the Impala on later models. The interior of the Caprice is also plusher than that of the Impala and had more add-on features like DVD screens. Although more powerful engines like those on the Impala are available if the buyer wants it, most buyers opted for engines with much lower power.

Although both lines ended in 1996, GM revived both into production in 2000. The Impala has since been available in most locations including the package for law enforcement. The Caprice on the other hand is no longer sold in North America. Although it was revived, it is now sold only in the Middle East. Recently, GM announced that they would bring back the Caprice to North America but only to law enforcement agencies but not to the general public.

1.The Caprice line was derived from the Impala line.
2.The Caprice costs more than the Impala.
3.The Impala models are known to be sporty vehicles while the Caprice emphasizes luxury and comfort.
4.The Impala line has been revived while the Caprice line is currently available only in the Middle East except models for law enforcement.

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