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Difference Between Glass and Diamond

Glass vs Diamond

Diamond is one of the most precious stones available on the earth’s surface. However, there are situations when people get faked with glass or other materials in place of diamonds.

Glass and diamond have many differences. The first difference one can see is that glass is non-crystalline and diamond is crystalline. While the atomic structure of glass is disordered, the atomic structure of diamond is in order and so it is crystalline.

Diamond is known to cut glass. On the other hand, glass will not cut diamond. Another difference that can be seen between glass and diamond is in the transparency. Glass is more transparent than a diamond. One can read clearly through a glass whereas one cannot read clearly with diamond.

Diamonds come with carbon flaws. If a real diamond is seen through a jeweler’s loupe, one can see flaws. On the contrary, glasses are flawless.

When comparing the colour of glass and diamond, the former normally does not come with any colour. On the other hand, Diamonds have a blue glow.

It can also be noted that diamond has a natural shining whereas glass has only an artificial shining. The cuts and shape of a diamond give it a natural shining. Glass is only plain and flat.

Diamond is a hard material when compared to glass. Diamond is precious and is widely used as ornaments. Glass is not that precious and it is not used as ornaments. Diamond is highly priced but glass is not that expensive. Unlike Glass, Diamonds are rare.

Another difference is that diamond is taken from nature (a natural stone)
whereas Glass is made by man.

Glass is known to be silicate whereas diamonds are carbon.

The term Glass was first used during the late Roman Empire. The term has its
its origins in the glassmaking center at Trier, which is in Germany.
Glass is a word that comes from “glesum”, a Germanic word for a transparent
and lustrous substance. Diamond has been derived from “adámas”, which means unbreakable.


1. Glass is non-crystalline whereas diamond is crystalline.
2. Glass is more transparent than diamond.
3. Diamonds come with carbon flaws. On the contrary, glasses are flawless.
4. Diamond has a natural shining whereas glass only has an artificial
5. Diamond is precious and is widely as ornaments. Glass is not that
precious and is not used as ornaments.

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  1. great job

  2. You should add: Diamond burns at 700C, whereas glass does not burn and melts at about 1500C.

  3. Diamonds are not actually that rare. The diamond merchants just monopolize the market, and introduce them very slowly to the consumer.

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