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Difference Between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse

optical_mouseTwo types of mice that appeared to replace the often faulty and unreliable ball mouse are the optical and laser mice. They are essentially identical in concept since they both use light and detect the changes in the surface underneath in order to determine their position relative to their previous position. The only difference is that an optical mouse uses a light emitting diode as its light source while a laser mouse uses a low intensity laser.

Using a laser as a light source can have a few advantages. First, it allows the mouse to track at over 2000 dots per inch (dpi). Compared to the 200 to 800 dpi range of an optical mouse, a laser mouse is a lot more sensitive when it comes to detecting motion. The second is on the surfaces it could be used on. Laser mice can be used on almost any surface due to the high intensity light that a laser provides. An optical mouse can have problems with black or shiny surfaces where its light gets absorbed or dispersed respectively.

It doesn’t come as a shock that laser mice are more expensive compared to optical ones. This is primarily due to the higher cost of using a low intensity laser compared to a cheap and common LED. Most people also find the laser mouse to be too sensitive for daily use as the slightest nudge can move your mouse. Gamers benefit most from laser mice since it allows them to react more quickly to what is happening on screen. Also, graphics artists prefer laser mice because it provides them with greater accuracy in creating graphical designs.

It might also be good to note that most laser mice have options to reduce its sensitivity level in order to make it more suitable for common computer use like browsing and other applications. This adds to the complexity of the device though, making it a little bit more undesirable for ordinary users who don’t want to tinker a lot.

1. Laser mice uses a laser beam while optical mice use an LED.
2. Laser mice are more sensitive than optical mice.
3. Laser mice can be used on any surface while optical mice can have problems with shiny or black surfaces.
4. Laser mice are significantly more expensive compared to optical mice.
5. Optical mice are suited for everyday use while Laser mice are best for gamers or graphics artists who needs that level of sensitivity.

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