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orangeTangerine vs Clementine

Tangerines and Clementine are types of mandarin. Tangerine is botanically known as Citrus tangerine and is an orange colored fruit with citrus properties. On the other hand Clementine is known as Citrus reticulata. It is a hesperidium or a berry that has a leathery rind which contains oil in its cells, of mandarin orange. Their outer covering or the rind is very shiny and smooth in appearance. These are divided in 8-14 juicy slices. They are not only easy to peel, they are seedless and sweet too, making them all the more of a preferred choice by the fruit lovers. Tangerines taste a little sour and contain seeds.

Tangerines were initially cultivated in the large parts of China and Japan from 3000 years. Their cultivation was also done in the present day Burma. However, their popularity did not reach the western world until 19th century. Clementine on the other hand is supposed to be an accidental hybrid which was discovered by Father Clement Rodier of Algeria. However some people claim that it was grown in China from a long time and was identical to a variety known as Canton mandarin. Clementine was introduced in 1914 to North America. Their cultivation in Morocco and Spain caters to the European market.

Even though, clementines are seedless, they lose this characteristic when they get cross pollinated by the bees with some other fruit. The problem of cross pollination became so rampant that a Californian firm Paramount Citrus actually threatened to sue the local bee cultivators as their bees crossed the farmland and cross-pollinated their Clementine. On the other hand tangerines contain seeds so any cross pollination doesn’t affect this characteristic.

Both tangerine and Clementine are great source of vitamins. However, for every 100 grams, tangerine contains 13.34 g of carbohydrates but Clementine contains 12.02 g. the fat content in Clementine is 0.15 g while in tangerine it is 0.31 g. In tangerines protein is present at 0.81 g while in Clementine it is 0.85 g.

Yet another difference is that Clementine can be peeled very easily as compared to the tangerine. Clementine has health properties and it relieves you of stress, anxiety and tension. Application to the skin may result in further damage to skin on exposure to sun. Tangerine peel is often dried by people and its powder is applied to the skin as well. Deep tan may occur due to it.

1. The botanical name of Clementine is Citrus reticulate and that of tangerine is Citrus tangerine.
2. Clementine yields seeded fruits on cross pollination.
3. Clementine is seedless while tangerine has seeds.
4. Clementine is a hesperidium of mandarin variety.

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