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Difference Between UHF Microphone and VHF Microphone

micro_phoneUHF vs VHF Microphones

Microphones are used to capture sound, whether its from the human voice, animals, or even from the environment, and either amplify it for rebroadcast or to record it for later use. Although VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) are both used to describe frequencies, these are not related to the frequency of the voice that is being recorded. Instead, it is related to the transmission of the voice signal from the microphone to its receiver on wireless microphones.

VHF microphones usually transmit at around 170Mhz to 216Mhz while UHF microphones transmit between 450Mhz and 952Mhz, which is over ten times the difference in the frequency range that devices can use. UHF microphones benefit from this very wide range of frequencies that can be used by manufacturers. This makes it less prone to interference as you are less likely to encounter another UHF device that transmits at the same frequency within range of each other. VHF microphones are a little bit more prone to this due to the number of VHF microphones in existence and the very narrow frequency spectrum.

But if there was no trade-off to the advantage of UHF microphones, VHF microphones would no longer exist in the market today. The disadvantage of UHF microphones is in the relatively high cost of these microphones. Because most people see no significant advantage to UHF microphones, only a price difference, VHF microphones are still widely used. And for most users of VHF microphones, it works flawlessly without any problems.

For most applications, VHF microphones would usually suffice as the probability of having a device that would interfere with it is still quite low. But for people who intend to work in areas where there are a lot of transmitters that work in the VHF range, having a UHF microphone is a must. UHF microphones are also advised to those who wants to ensure that their microphones work every time. In cases where microphones are absolutely essential, like in TV or radio broadcasting or concerts, having both types is the only way to go. So that you can switch to the other in case one is not working properly.

1.UHF and VHF are two divisions of the radio frequency spectrum
2.VHF microphones transmit between 170Mhz and 216Mhz while UHF microphones transmits at around 450Mhz to 952Mhz
3.UHF microphones tend to be less prone to interference compared to VHF microphones
4.UHF microphones cost more than VHF microphones

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