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Difference Between UV and Skylight Filters

uv-fiter-pdUV vs Skylight Filters

Professional photographers need to keep their skills in very good shape in order to produce the best pictures to sell on the market. The amount of photos required nowadays on the internet or otherwise, is vast, and you need to have the knowledge to be able to reproduce these photographs. It is therefore very important to have a proper light support that will give you the best resolution and results. Photos related to the environment and landscapes need to have a UV light, or a skylight filter to make sure they come out properly, otherwise they may not give you the best results.

Technical specifications:

· UV Filters try to correct the color combination required for a Black and White picture by protecting the camera with extra lenses. UV filters have a pale yellow color combination. It is extremely difficult to see the difference that they make on a picture, however, this is all part of the professional outcome required for a professional photograph.

· Skylight filters try to correct the color combination of a landscape picture that has too much color contrast, and that may not look so natural without the filter. Color correction skylight filters can reflect badly on skin tones, and therefore they are not recommended by professional photographers for portraits .

Results on the photos:

· UV filters cause a bluish color on your picture when filtering the light from the outside environment.

· Skylight filters give your picture a warm appearance.

Kinds of photographs:

· UV filters give landscape or portrait shoots a good background. Photographs of historical buildings in black and white get a very good result from UV filters.

· Skylight filters give a natural photograph an appearance of color, like a red or pinkish tint. Snow competitions get very good results with these filters.

Although both of these filters can create more or less the same appearance in your photo, there are many mixed concepts about the usage of these filters. Some professional photographers prefer not to use them anymore because they feel that their lenses are sufficiently capable of controlling the light requirements, and they can also edit the photos with the use of the latest software technology.


1. UV Filters are mostly designed to protect the photos from extra light.

2. Skylight filters are designed to correct the color combination of the photographs.

3. UV filters are used more frequently for black and white photographs.

4. Skylight filters are most commonly used for natural and color photographs.

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