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Difference Between Blackberry Bold and Blackberry 8900

blackberry-boldBlackberry Bold vs Blackberry 8900

The Blackberry Bold is a top of the line smart phone from Research In Motion. It is equipped with all the bells and whistles and the corresponding price tag. The 8900 belongs to the Curve line and is a cheaper version of the Bold. The 8900 lacks some functionality of the Bold that makes it a bit inferior in terms of usability but makes it up in design and sleekness. Obviously, price is the major consideration here as the 8900 is intended for those who wants a Bold but can’t afford it.

The Bold is future proof with the addition of a 3G radio that allows it to connect to the 3G network and take advantage of the services that are available only to 3G devices. The 8900 lacks the 3G radio and is restricted to 2G networks only. This might not be such a big problem as of the moment as 2G is still prominently deployed, but certain areas may only have 3G signals. The 8900 is also unable to use the high data speeds provided by 3G networks. High data speeds are important for Blackberry smart phones as sending and retrieving messages are done through a data link. The users of 8900 smart phones are stuck with the low data speeds of the 2G network unless they can connect to a wireless network via Wi-Fi.

Most people who found the Bold to be too big and unwieldy found the 8900 to be a welcome change. The 8900 was substantially smaller and lighter than the Bold, making it fit in places where the Bold would otherwise have problems with. Although the keyboard of the 8900 is a bit smaller than that of the Bold, people found no problem in using it as the raised keys provided a good reference of where your thumbs were. The 8900 also switched to the smaller micro-USB port in connecting to the computer. The Bold used the slightly bigger mini-USB port but was switched to the micro-USB in a later model.


1. The Blackberry Bold is RIMs top of the line model while the 8900 is categorized under the Curve, a cheaper model.

2. The 8900 is more affordable than the Bold models.

3. The Blackberry Bold models have 3G capabilities while the 8900 is 2G only.

4. The 8900 is smaller and lighter than the Blackberry Bold models.

5. The 8900 has a micro-USB port while the Bold has a mini-USB port.

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