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blackberry-boldBlackberry Bold vs Javelin

The Javelin was a code name for a much anticipated Blackberry smart phone during its production. It was earlier believed to be a high end device belonging to the RIMs flagship family of smart phones, the Blackberry Bold. It was later unveiled as the 8900 model of the Blackberry Curve. The Blackberry Curve is a family of devices characterized by their lower price point compared to the Bold and the corresponding lack of features.

The Bold is a 3G device and users can take advantage of 3G services. Not the least of which is the high speed data rates that can shorten the time spent on sending and retrieving emails. The speed gain is even more apparent when the messages contain large attachments. The Javelin lacks 3G connectivity and can only connect to 2G networks. Needless to say, the Javelin is rather slow compared to the Bold. Even in browsing the internet with the included internet browser, the Bold is substantially faster than the Javelin. The lack of 3G support in the Javelin could also mean that it would not be usable in areas where there is only a 3G signal.

The processor on the Blackberry Bold is much faster compared to that in the Javelin. The Qualcomm processor on the Bold is clocked at 624Mhz while that of the Javelin is clocked at a meager 512Mhz. This has garnered a few complaints from Javelin users as they have experienced sluggish performance at times from their device. This problem occurs more often when using multiple features that use a lot of processing power at the same time.

The form of the Javelin has attracted much attention from a number of users and critics. Where the Bold is big and bulky, the Javelin is slim, sleek, and light. The difference might not be that much, but the changes make the Javelin more handy and natural to the hands of the user. Keys and ports on the side of the Javelin have also been moved around for better or for worse.


1. The Javelin is the code name for the Curve 8900.

2. The Javelin is cheaper than the Blackberry Bold.

3. The Blackberry Bold is a 3G device while the Javelin is a 2G device.

4. The Bold is equipped with a more powerful processor than the Javelin.

5. The Bold is bigger and heavier than the Javelin.

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