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Difference Between CANON G9 and G10

canon_g9_amCANON G9 vs G10

If two people were using two cameras side by side, it would most likely escape notice that they are actually different, unless of course you are too hawk eyed to be able to notice the difference in external size and dimensions. The G9 is slightly smaller in size as compared to the G10. On a much closer look however, you cannot fail to notice the difference in features with the G10 outdoing the G9 in sophistication and increased capabilities.

Turn them on and the difference will hit you instantly at the glance of the screen. While the G9 has three main columns, the G10 has four, giving a wider range of applications as opposed to its older counterpart. A more concentrated scrutiny will reveal that even the buttons on the G10 are slightly flat and much tilted giving it a sophisticated, polished look. The function systems of both cameras are however exactly the same in feature and style although the G10 has a much bigger built-in flash than the G9. The quality of the screen resolution is evident in the G10. It is also outstanding. Thanks to the improvement in overall resolution from G9’s 12 mega pixels to 14.7 mega pixels for the G10 version.

As much as the two cameras’ optical zoom lenses are concerned, they may both look quite identical when not in use. However, their capabilities are quite different with the G10’s optical zoom lens being able to cover 5x wider angle at 28mm. This will automatically result in better coverage of distant images. Taking pictures in motion such as sporting events can’t be more thrilling. Thanks to the new improved optical image stabilizer that is present in the G10. Hence, it has become a smart tool for capturing instant moments.

The G9 is a masterpiece in so far as flexibility of different shooting modes are concerned. The G10 has nonetheless gone a notch higher by featuring an all time high number of shooting modes at 26. With all these different modes, it would almost be impossible to run out of options in any specific environment. Other than the glaring similarities in looks and facial features, the two cameras have the following differences in features.


1.The G10 has an improved front grip that is engraved with texture to give it a firmer grip as opposed to the G9, which has a smoother grip.

2.The G10’s LCD screen has seen double improvements in the new 461k resolution against its older counterpart’s 230k.

3.An increase in features automatically translates into higher power needs to support the new features. In this line, the G10 has a new high powered battery pack of 1050mAh as opposed to G9’s 720mAh battery.

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