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Difference Between Nikon L21 and L22

Nikon L21 vs L22

The Nikon L21 and L22 are two very affordable compact cameras that provide the basic photography requirements at a low price. These two were released simultaneously and have slight differences when it comes to their hardware. The main difference between the Nikon L21 and L22 is the sensor resolution. While the L21 has a barely acceptable resolution of 8 megapixels, the L22 has 50 percent more at 12 megapixels. With these compact point and shoot cameras, sensor resolution plays a bigger role because their optical zoom capabilities are very limited. Many users resort to digital zoom very often and having a sensor with a larger resolution means that you get more image detail even when you maximize the zoom capabilities of the camera.

Another major difference between the Nikon L21 and the L22 is the size of their rear LCD displays. The L22 also has the advantage in this area because it has a 3 inch screen compared to just 2.5 inches for the L21. The only major role of the screen in photography is in providing live view. You can frame your subjects better if you are looking at it through a larger screen. It is also useful when browsing through the pictures that you took as you may be more able to discern details that would otherwise be vague in a smaller screen.

Aside from these two differences, the L21 and the L22 are virtually identical. They have the same capabilities and share many of the same parts. Most people can do away with the higher resolution as well as the larger screen and save a few bucks in the process. But for those who have bad eyesight or older people, the screen can be a major deciding factor. If you also like to do some post processing with your photos and not just upload them directly to social networking sites, you may appreciate the higher sensor resolution of the L22 as it lets you do more with the images without sacrificing too much of the image quality.


  1. The L22 has a higher megapixel count than the L21
  2. The L22 has a bigger rear LCD than the L21

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