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Difference Between Canon XL1S and XL2

canon_xl1s_amCanon XL1S vs. XL2

The Canon XL1S is a MiniDV digital camcorder. The camera includes all the full features of a regular camcorder. As with its predecessor, the Canon XL1, this camera uses three separate CCDs, all 270,000 pixels and one for each primary color (red, yellow, and blue). This enhances the picture quality. This camera records digital audio. There are six channels total in which the camcorder can record sound: two channels that produce 16 bit/48 kHz of sound and four channels that produce 12 bit/32 kHz of sound.

The Canon XL2 is a MiniDV digital camcorder. This camera allows the user to do all the editing functions while still at the location –as opposed to editing after leaving the shooting location. It includes technology and combinations of technology specific to Canon cameras: Super Range Optical Image Stabilization in the lens, dual aspect ratios, various frame rate capabilities, image gamma and detail controls, skin detail controls, and convertible LCD display. The camera also includes technology never before seen in camcorders –image control coordination between two XL2 cameras, remote computer camera control, and direct video recording to the computer.

The XL1S includes programmed AE modes as well as shutter and aperture priority modes. The camera comes equipped with a spotlight mode enabling the user to make sure that even when shooting in darker locations, the image comes out clear, or when a subject is saturated in a great deal of spotlight, compensating for the glare that occurs. The newest technology on the XL1S is capable of minimizing the amount of screen flicker that occurs when getting a shot of a television or a computer screen. This newest permutation of the XL1 offers a 16:9 shooting mode that allows the user to convert a video from standard to High Definition, SMPTE color bars which aid the user in establishing the proper color reference for shooting and editing, and interval recording enabling the user to shoot time elapsed motion video with intervals from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

The XL2 offers a 20x Professional L-Series Fluorite optical zoom lens –this technology uses fluorite to ensure the resolution is at its best. The camera also includes Super Range Optical Image Stabilization which eliminates camera shake –from a hand held position, for example.

1. The Canon XL1S uses three separate CCDs of 270,000 pixels, one for each primary color; the Canon XL2 allows users to edit films while still on location.
2. The Canon XL1S has six channels in which the camera can record sound: two that produce 16 bit/48 kHz of sound and four that produce 12 bit/32 kHz of sound; the Canon XL2 enables image control coordination between two XL2 cameras.

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