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Difference Between the Canon Vixia and the Canon Legria

canon_vixiaCanon Vixia vs Canon Legria

Canon’s long history of optical brilliance, superior image processing, excellent performance and innovation in all types of cameras, notably photographic and broadcast television cameras, has earned it the reputation of being one of the most easily recognizable brands in the sphere of photography and image processing. From their long list of quality products, comes the latest in high definition camcorders – the Vixia HF10 and the Legria HFS11.


The Vixia HF10 dual flash memory camcorder is now even lighter, and more compact, than any other camcorder. The Vixia offers an Advanced Video Codec High definition (AVCHD) recording format with utmost ease, not to mention the various and numerous advantages of the flash memory. The flash is used in some of the best electronic gadgets around, like the latest laptops, as well as desktops, PDAs, cell phones and music players. Canon’s Dual Flash Memory is a mark of quality, and one of the best in the world. It allows recording to both the Vixia’s 16GB internal memory and to a detachable SDHC card; creating flexibility while transferring files and using the playback function, as well as creating extra storage space.

In addition to its superior performance, Canon’s Vixia HF10 is packed with a host of other exclusive features, including a full 3.3 megapixel HD CMOS sensor and an advanced image processor, instant auto focus, a 2.7 inch multi-angle screen, a 12x High Definition zoom lens, and much more; which make this gadget typically Canon, and unmatched in quality. Notably, its ease to connect to a computer, accuracy, vivid colors and superb image quality, makes it a favorite among camcorder shoppers. However, on the down side, it does not have a very good battery life, wind blockage and audio quality, as well as deem light shooting.

In the same range of quality camcorders from Canon, is the Legria HFS11, which is the successor to the Legria HFS10. This was also one of the best received High definition camcorders, although a bit pricey at its time. The HFS11 obviously inherits all the features of its predecessor, but, as you would expect, is packed with a range of enhanced features. Notably, the HFS11 boasts superior low light shooting and the enhanced Dynamic Optical Image stabilizer, which virtually eliminates all the shaking while filming, making filming while walking very possible. It comes with a 64 GB flash drive, enabling up to two hours of footage in HD, and like the Vixia, it is compatible with SDHC cards. Other features include an 8 megapixel image (still), various automated controls, as well as manual controls.

The Legria is superior in regards to low light shooting, whereas the Vixia performs poorly in this area.
The Legria has an enhanced Dynamic Optical Image stabilizer capability, allowing for shooting in shaky conditions, while the Vixia does not support such a feature.

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