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Difference Between Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S

Apple, in most people’s opinions, is still the king of the smartphone hill. But Samsung is beginning to poke them on the side with offerings like the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S are two of the hottest smartphones around and they share many similarities and a few differences. The biggest difference between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S is screen size. Apple, as usual, has refused to budge on the 3.5 inch screen size that they’ve been using. On the other hand, the Galaxy S3 has a much bigger 4.8 inch screen; pretty close to that of the Samsung Note. The Galaxy S3 also uses Samsung’s own Super AMOLED display, which gives more vibrant and realistic colors than most LCD screens.

Aside from the screen, the Galaxy S3 also goes big with its core; four cores to be exact. The Galaxy S3 is equipped with a quad core processor running at a blazing 1.4Ghz. This is a boon for Android users, especially those who like to multitask and keep applications running in the background. The iPhone 4S did get a nudge in terms of processing power and sports a dual core A9 processor. Apple is still able to keep the OS responsive with its creative multitasking scheme.

Despite of the much larger screen and the more powerful processor, the Galaxy S3 manages to beat the iPhone 4S in terms of battery life. How? Simply by having a battery that is 50% larger in capacity than that of the iPhone 4S; 1432WH and 2100WH respectively. There are certain circumstances though that the iPhone 4S outlasts the Galaxy S3. Most of which involve having the huge display on at all times, like web browsing.

The final difference between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S is construction. The iPhone 4S still uses that glass and aluminum combination that gives it that very familiar elegance and solidity. While the Galaxy S3’s plastic body makes it seem cheap. It is also a bit less durable when dropped, especially when it hits on one of its corners.


The Galaxy S3 has a much bigger screen than the iPhone 4S

The Galaxy S3 has a quad core processor while the iPhone 4S has a dual core processor

The Galaxy S3 has better battery life than the iPhone 4S

The Galaxy S3 body is made out of plastic while that of the iPhone 4S is made out of metal and glass

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