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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S II and Apple iPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4

Smartphones are getting better all the time. The Galaxy S II is the improved version of the successful Galaxy S while the iPhone 4 is the fourth version, obviously, of Apple’s very popular iPhone series. The iPhone 4 is older than the Galaxy S, and it is expected that the Galaxy S II would have better specs. First off, the core processor and other internal hardware of the Galaxy S II are significantly better featuring dual core processors and an advanced graphics processing unit.

The Galaxy S II has upped the ante even further by placing a bigger 4.3-inch screen to dwar the already smaller 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone 4. The Galaxy S II also uses an AMOLED display while the
iPhone 4 uses a TFT LCD display. There are many advantages to AMOLED that cannot be achieved with TFT. The only saving grace of the iPhone 4 is its extremely high pixel density; although, it is still debatable whether most people can discern the difference.

The camera is one of the key features of the iPhone 4. It takes excellent still shots and 720p video. The predecessor of the Galaxy S II already does this. To improve more, the Galaxy S II is equipped with an
8 megapixel camera that takes 720p and even 1080p video–far superior than what the iPhone 4 has.

For some people, it may matter that the iPhone 4 doesn’t have any user replaceable parts. You can’t swap out the battery or install a memory card. You can do these two things with the Galaxy S II increasing further its usability. Galaxy S II owners don’t have to have their phone serviced in case the battery dies and can also carry spares for heavy usage days.

Lastly, despite all the additions, the Galaxy S II still manages to beat the iPhone 4 in terms of weight. It is also slightly thinner than the iPhone 4; although, it is both longer and wider due to the bigger screen.


1. The Galaxy S II is a far more powerful phone than the iPhone 4.
2. The Galaxy S II has a bigger screen than the iPhone 4.
3. The Galaxy S II camera is much better than the iPhone 4 camera.
4. The Galaxy S II has user replaceable parts while the iPhone 4 doesn’t.
5. The Galaxy S II is lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4.

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