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Difference Between HTC Flyer and LG Optimus Pad

HTC Flyer vs LG Optimus Pad

The rapid influx of tablet devices means that the trend started by Apple’s iPad is here to stay and is not just a passing fad. Two new devices are the Optimus Pad from LG and HTC’s Flyer. Before we look at how they differ, let’s give credit to HTC for choosing a name that doesn’t have ‘pad’ in it. The most distinguishable difference between the Optimus Pad and the Flyer is the screen size. The Optimus has a bigger 8.9-inch screen to the Flyer’s 7-inch screen.

With the hardware, the Optimus Pad still has the advantage due to its dual core processors and more advanced GPU compared to the Flyer’s single core processor with an increased clock speed of 1.5Ghz. The dual core processor gives the Optimus Pad more power which can be used when running multiple apps at once.

The cameras of both devices are more or less at par when taking stills. The Optimus Pad does have an extra feature that you would not find on the Flyer. The dual cameras on the Optimus Pad can be used to create a 3D image by composing the two slightly offset images. The Optimus Pad can also take 3D video at a resolution of 720p and 2D video at 1080p. The Flyer can take 2D HD video but only at the lower 720p resolution.

One major criticism that many have on the Flyer is its usage of Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread, despite other tablets like the Optimus Pad going for the tablet optimized Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Maybe it’s because the Flyer is closer to smartphones than to actual tablets that HTC decided to go with Gingerbread.

Since the Flyer isn’t expected until sometime in April to June, many things can still change, and HTC can still address some of these issues–especially the use of Gingerbread over Honeycomb. On the other hand, the Optimus Pad is coming quite soon if it’s not already on the market. Its specs seem quite set, and it’s all good as the Optimus is more than adequate to challenge the more well-known tablets.


1. The Optimus Pad has a bigger display than the Flyer.
2. The Optimus Pad has a dual core processor while the Flyer doesn’t.
3. The Optimus Pad is equipped with 3D cameras while the Flyer isn’t.
4. The Optimus Pad comes with Honeycomb while the Flyer comes with Gingerbread.

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