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Difference Between Apple iPad 2 and LG Optimus Pad

Apple iPad 2 vs LG Optimus Pad

As the iPad 2 picks up where the original iPad left off, there is no shortage of challengers to its crown with new features and better performance. One such challenger is the Optimus Pad from LG. The first thing you would notice between the two is the size of the screen. Instead of emulating the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad 2, the Optimus Pad has a smaller 8.9-inch screen.

Probably the biggest difference between the iPad 2 and the Optimus Pad when it comes to usage is the operating system. The iPad 2 has the latest version of iOS, which gives it an identical interface to other Apple products. On the other hand, the Optimus Pad is on Honeycomb, the version of Android specifically meant for tablets. There is really no problem with either platform when it comes to apps as they both have hundreds of thousands in their repositories.

Just like most tablets, the iPad 2 comes in two versions, one with WiFi only and another with WiFi and 3G. The Optimus Pad departs from this norm and did not release a WiFi-only model. This is bad for those who do not need 3G as the price is significantly higher compared to a WiFi-only model. Another area where the Optimus Pad lacks options is in memory. While the iPad 2 comes in three variants with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of internal memory, the Optimus Pad only comes in a 32GB model. This is further aggravated by the lack of a memory card slot which is common in other Android tablets.

One of the selling points of the Optimus Pad is the dual 5 megapixel cameras. These can be used to shoot 3D movies at a resolution of 720p or 2D movies at a full 1080p resolution. Something the iPad 2 seems to have missed is the ability to shoot 3D photos, which the Optimus Pad is fully capable of doing. The iPad 2 is not only incapable of shooting 3D video, its camera is only enough to be able to shoot 720p video. When shooting stills, it is very clear that the iPad 2 is inferior even to most feature phone cameras.


1.The iPad 2 has a larger screen than the Optimus Pad.
2.The iPad 2 uses iOS while the Optimus Pad is an Android tablet.
3.3G is built into the Optimus Pad but optional in the iPad 2.
4.The iPad 2 provides several memory capacities while the Optimus Pad doesn’t.
5.The Optimus Pad is capable of taking 3D videos while the iPad 2 cannot.

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