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Difference Between LG Optimus Pad and Apple iPad

LG Optimus Pad vs Apple iPad

Since the release of the Apple iPad, there has been a torrent of new ‘iPad like’ devices that have been vying to dethrone it or at least get a piece of the pie. The Optimus Pad from LG is one of the latest and probably one of the best. Its main difference from the iPad is the OS that it runs. Although originally intended for smartphones, Google’s Android has been optimized for tablets with version 3.0; also known as Honeycomb. This puts the two at almost even footing as the iPad has its own apps but can also run iPhone apps and all Android apps can be run on Honeycomb.

In terms of hardware, the Optimus Pad is the clear winner as it is equipped with the Tegra 2 SOC from nVidia. The Tegra 2 has two processor cores and very advanced graphics capabilities; given that nVidia has been making graphics cards since time immemorial. Apple’s own A4 has been around for some time and is already due for an upgrade according to Apple’s usual schedule. It does perform quite well as Apple has gone to great lengths to ensure that the user can’t push the device beyond its limits; a good example of which is the limitation on multitasking.

With the screen, the Optimus pad screen is smaller than the 9.7 inch screen of the iPhone; its 8.9 inch screen is somewhat in between the common 10 and 7 inch screens found on other devices. The screen on the Optimus though is capable of displaying 3D images; but, it requires that you use 3D glasses, which can be purchased separately.

One of the great features of the Optimus pad is its cameras. It has a front facing camera for video calling and a 5 megapixel dual lens camera at the back. The dual lens camera is able to take 3D pictures but you can only see it in 2D unless you have the glasses. The iPad doesn’t have any camera even though the smaller, but with identical hardware, iPhone does. This has been the feature on most iPad user’s wish list.

All in all, the Optimus pad is the better choice between the two as it has better specs and can probably do more than what the iPad is capable. But, if you really want to get an iPad, it may be better to just hold back for a while as the iPad 2 is just around the corner and with much better specs than its predecessor.


1. The Optimus pad runs on Android while the iPad runs on iOS
2. The Optimus pad runs on Tegra 2 while iPad uses Apple’s own A4
3. The Optimus pad has a smaller screen than the iPad
4. The Optimus has a dual lens camera while the iPad doesn’t have any

Apple iPad (first generation) MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

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