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This is the battle which everyone is most interested in: Android vs. IOS. The most unusual thing to start this discussion takes us to the inventor of smart phones: Blackberry, which was the first of the kind of smart phone OS. Both Android and IOS are successors of the smart phone technology.

The other contrasting styles that make both these OS very distinct are the platform in which they are built. Basically Android is an open source platform where anyone can customize the code and develop their flavor, but IOS is only built for the iPhone and no one is allowed to customize and realize their own flavor.

Apple, which released its mobile operating system, has so far 7 versions starting from IOS 1 to IOS 7. This is compared to Android, which was released in the year 2008, to date has 19 versions from Android 1.1 to the latest Kitkat. The average release per year of IOS is at most 1 version per year while Android has an average release of at least 3 versions per year. We can say that Android is coming up with various options to choose from, but with IOS you have to make up your mind with what is available. The fact really lies in that IOS and Android are in the same pace because it takes 3 versions a year from Android as in IOS it takes 1 version a year to meet the demands.

Both Android and IOS are one-to-one competitors on the applications they release. The Android market has 1,000,000 apps while Apple has 850,000 apps and it is still growing. The fact is, the free apps in the Android market are more when compared to the Apple market, which has more paid apps than free ones.

Coming to the processor speed, IOS has slightly more of an edge on the Android phones but the gap is getting closer with the new Kitkat with an advanced core processor but there is no NFC to share with other devices which are not on the iOS platform. The Android has NFC, which allows file sharing.

The Android phones mostly come with a open case with some exceptions, but the IOS-powered devices are closed cases and the screen resolution of the IOS is always higher than that of the Android platforms. The IOS does not have customizable home screens but the Android OS has the user customized screens.

To flash and update OS in the Android we need to unroot it but in the IOS we need to do jail breaking to flash the OS.SIRI which is the voice browser of the iOS which allows the user to search for the contents on the phone or internet. In Android it is introduced as S-Voice but SIRI is more powerful than the S-Voice.

To summarize the discussion:

Android is on the open source platform compare to IOS, which is on the commercial platform
Android comes up with more apps than the IOS
IOS has better processing speed and better touch and resolution than Android
SIRI has a more powerful voice browser than the S-Voice
Android is customizable, while IOS is not customizable

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  1. there are only 7 version of iOS not 9 !!!

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