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Difference between Iphone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

Iphone5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The year 2012 was arguably one of the most heated years in the rivalry that has come to be between Apple and Samsung as they fight to dominate the smart phone market. This is the year that saw the release of two of the most talked of phones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. What are the specifications that each phone has and how do they compare to each other. The review below looks at the specific features of each phone and how they differ. The release of these two phones was made even more intense with the realization of the suit that Apple had filed on infringement of its products by Samsung, with a court ordering Samsung to pay Apple quite a substantial amount of money.

The Galaxy S3 took the initiative to launch first, setting the target that the iPhone 5 was to match. It must be said that it was indeed a great task of working towards being the market leader and without doubt, the S3 did achieve to the consumers with its innovation and market pricing.

One of the things that made the S3 unique is that it came with a completely new design as opposed to the previous design that had a really square looked that was in the S2. The S3 came with a somewhat oval design that seemed to appeal to the consumers.

The S3 was designed to come with a 4.8 inch screen that has the ever tough and scratch resistant gorilla glass that allowed for excellent resolution from the screen. The phone operates using the Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system; through the Jelly Bean version of the same program will still work quite well with it. The phone runs on a 1.4 GHz processor together with 1 GB of RAM. For storage, the phone comes with a default capacity of 16 GB. If more space is required for storage, the Micro SD card can be employed to expand the capacity up to 64 GB.  The phone has two cameras on it. One of these is the back camera which comes at 8 MP, allowing taking great still and motions shots. At the front is a 1.9 MP camera that is specifically placed there for the allowance of conferencing using a phone.

The Iphone 5 on the other hand was a phone released with several tweaks of the iPhone 4s. This phone was lighter, with better hardware and software as compared to the 4s. The screen size of the iPhone 5 is 4 inches and has a LED screen that runs on a 640 x 1136 resolution. This resolution is able to produce 441 pixels in the small screen according to Apple. The phone runs on the iOS 6 but an upgrade to the iOS7 is also possible. The phone runs on a 1.2 GHz deal core processor and a 1 GB RAM.  This phone as with other iPhones comes with default internal storage capacity at 16, 32 and 64 GB which is non-expandable. The phone also comes with Siri which is an application for Voice commands that was introduced in the iPhone 4s. The main challenge that this phone faced was the maps features which had problems initially but the problem was fixed. The charging system of the phone has also been changed to a smaller more compact system.


The iPhone 5 and the S3 are arguably the most marketed phones in 2012

The iPhone 5 was generally tweak of the 4S

The S3 came with general reengineering of the phone

The S3 operates with a 1.4 GHz processor together with 1 GB of RAM

The iPhone 5 operates with a 1.2 GHz deal core processor and a 1 GB RAM

The S3 runs on Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich while the Iphone 5 on iOS 6 or iOS7

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