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Android vs HTC

Differentiating Android and HTC is like comparing Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and Nokia. Android is just one of the many mobile OSs (operating systems) distributed and used today while HTC is just one of the many mobile phone manufacturers supporting the said mobile OS. Samsung is another manufacturer that vigorously offers smartphones powered by Android OS.

Android, since its initial public offering in 2008, has leapfrogged its competitors to become the number one mobile OS worldwide as of the last quarter of 2010. As a result, Android grabbed the most market share for a mobile OS, not just in the U.S.,but in the entire world in general. This is placing Apple’s iOS in second place.

Foremost, Android was developed by Android Incorporated back in 2005. Later on, however, Google, Inc. purchased the software’s developer and made the OS open source. Its official release was last

October 21, 2008. To date, the OS is a favorite software by many mobile device users either mobile phones or tablet computers. The latest build of the Android OS in the tablet market is Honeycomb 3.2. As of July 25, 2011, the latest release of Android for mobile phones was 2.3.5 codenamed “Gingerbread.”

For its continued survival, Android has managed to establish a community of application (app) developers devoted to the growth of the Android experience. Most of the official apps are downloaded from the Android Market, although a few mobile users can also access the same type of apps from other third-party sources.

On the contrary, HTC Corp. is a telecommunications company that manufactures many of today’s most innovative smartphones. Several years back, its smartphone division was investing heavily on WP7 but later adopted the Android OS in the year 2009. The company renewed its support for WP7 last year (2010) nonetheless. HTC is a member of Open Handset Alliance to which Android-Google is also a key founding member. Perhaps the confusion in making HTC synonymous to Android is because it is the first manufacturer to use and distribute smartphones using the Android OS.


1.Android is a type of mobile OS for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablet computers.
2.Android was originally developed by Android, Inc. and was later acquired by the giant Internet search and web advertising company Google.
3.Android was officially released as an open source mobile OS in October, 2008.
4.HTC is a big, Taiwanese telecommunications company founded in 1997 that generates almost $10 billion in revenue annually. It specializes in the manufacturing of smartphones.

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