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iphone_3gsiPhone vs. HTC Magic

iPhone is Apple’s touch screen mobile phone (also known as a ‘smart phone’). Its newest permutation, iPhone 3.0, offers a wider range of features than its predecessors, as well as formidable competition on the market. The iPhone offers an expansive Applications Store, full of features that users are able to download for fee, or gratis. This smart phone comes complete with a comprehensive search feature that seems far more sophisticated than its competitors, including Spotlight search engine and the ability to search within mail, contacts, and the calendar.

The HTC Magic is Vodafone’s addition to the OS smart phone market. In terms of its dimensions, the HTC Magic is a bit bulkier than the iPhone; however, it’s also much lighter than the former smart phone. This phone comes complete with its own set of applications, though not as sophisticated as those offered by the iPhone.

The HTC Magic has a more comprehensive set of hardware controls than the iPhone. It includes search, home, menu, and back buttons located directly on the Magic’s panel (under the touch screen). It also contains send/end call keys, a trackball, and an enter button – also located on the panel below the touch screen. The iPhone offers comprehensive volume, home, and lock buttons on its panel, as well as at the top of the phone. The most useful button located on the panel is the ringer switch, which helps you to avoid making unintentional calls, especially if the phone is in a pocket or a bag.

The HTC Magic has a camera feature that outclasses the iPhone’s offering. While the iPhone offers an archaic 2 megapixel, fixed focus lens camera, the HTC Magic offers a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus. Therefore, the Magic’s picture resolution is miles ahead of the iPhone. However, the Magic does not offer a flash feature for its camera – the iPhone does.

In terms of media, the Apple iPhone will always seem to edge out the competition. Its capacity to hold music and video, that shows up in impeccable quality, is second to none. The iPhone allows users to download media, on the go, with its WiFi capability. However, as Apple has a stranglehold on the media market with its closed system, the media it can produce is very limited. The HTC Magic is compatible with more media platforms, though its not compatible with iTunes.


1. The Apple iPhone is a sleeker model of smart phone; the HTC Magic is a less hefty model of smart phone.

2. The Apple iPhone offers volume, home, and lock buttons on the top of its panel, making it ideal for pocket transport; the HTC Magic contains all its navigation and functional buttons on the panel below the touch screen.

3. The Apple iPhone offers a 2 megapixel, fixed focus lens camera; the HTC Magic offers a 3.2 megapixel, autofocus lens camera.

4. Apple iPhone’s media is specific to the Apple platform; the HTC Magic is more compatible with other media platforms, except iTunes.

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