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iPhone vs Solstice

With the very recent release of the iPhone4, a lot of people have been wondering how this new rendition from Apple compares to the other phones in the market place. Let’s compare it to the Solstice from Samsung. The first thing that you would notice is the bigger screen, by half an inch, on the iPhone4. The screen is not just bigger; it is also more detailed as it has a resolution of 640×960 compared to the 240×400 of the Solstice.

As we know, the latest iPhone models come in versions with 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, which is much higher than the paltry 189MB that you would find on the Solstice. A point goes to the Solstice though for having a microSD card slot where you can insert up to 16GB of memory. This makes the memory of the Solstice virtually unlimited while you are stuck with what the iPhone has.

Another cool feature of the iPhone4 is WiFi, which has been upgraded to 802.11n. The Solstice lacks WiFi capabilities and you are basically dependent on the slower and not very reliable 3G networks. You should also note that the iPhone4 is capable of reaching 7.2MBps on HSPA while the Solstice is only able to reach 3.6MBps.

If you are looking for a good camera phone, the iPhone4 has upped the quality of its camera to a stunning 5 megapixel resolution. Knowing Apple, this camera should take excellent quality pictures given that there is enough ambient lighting. The Solstice on the other hand, is still stuck with an antiquated 2 megapixel camera.

Lastly, the iPhone4 is loaded with sensors that detect how you hold and move your phone and reacts automatically. The full list includes an accelerometer for auto rotating, a gyro to detect motion, and a proximity sensor to turn the touch screen off when you hold the phone to your ear. Out of the three, the Solstice is only equipped with an accelerometer.


1. The iPhone4 has a bigger and better screen compared to the Solstice

2. The iPhone4 has bigger internal memory but does not allow for expansion like the Solstice does

3. The iPhone4 is equipped with WiFi while the Solstices is not

4. The camera on the iPhone 4 is better than on that on the Solstice

5. The iPhone4 is loaded with sensors while the Solstice only has one

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