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Difference Between iPhone and Blackberry Storm

iphone-dbiPhone vs Blackberry Storm

The iPhone is a light and thin device with curved edges. Outstanding features are exclusively available to meet the iPhone fanatics’ needs. The widescreen measures 3.5-inches, and that gives users more than enough room to read e-mails with decipherable fonts. You can view web pages, videos, TV shows and movies on a bright pixel screen (480 x 320 at 163ppi). It features a 2 mega pixels camera, and 128 MB memory. The keyboard is practical, because it is ready when needed, and vanishes when not in use. There are many accessible applications within a touch of your finger. You can amuse yourself with games, scroll playlists and download music from iTunes.

It is high-class in browsing the internet. Users find it easy and relaxing to use, because iPhone’s Mac OS X has designed the mobile standard operating system in such way that the user will get accustomed to it. The iPhone can get access to Wi-Fi hot spots to download data, a feature BlackBerry Storm is lacking. It is considered a legal device because it has conformed with the acknowledged standard, and can access Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync, who gives IT departments the license to impose password policies, establish Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings, and perform distantly related wipes on iPhones that were stolen or lost. One hang up that the iPhone may have, which may question it’s quality, is it’s insufficient battery life. iPhones are also accessible on the AT&T network, and its use as a phone is flimsy.

Research in motion has introduced it’s first touch-screen device, called BlackBerry Storm, or popularly known as ‘clickable’ screen. The keyboard is like a physical keyboard, where you can actually feel it, however, it occupies a big space on the device, even though the user is not frequently typing. It has a 3.26-inch, 480 x 360 pixel screen, and 1GB memory. Upgrading the memory to a maximum of 16GB needs to be acquired separately. The camera is only 3.2 mega pixels, with auto-focus and auto-flash. It also has phone buttons which are not touch-screen, and guarantees easy shift from browsing to answering calls, without putting on-screen data in jeopardy. It has many shortcuts adored by users. It’s battery life is stronger than the iPhone’s. BlackBerry can be found on both AT&T and Verizon, allowing fast downloading and uploading speed services. Sending messages through phone and e-mails, Blackberry dominates the iPhone because it is fast and creates shorthand, so you don’t have to type extra letters. It also serves as a speakerphone, which gives it credit over the iPhone. It’s large array of security policies makes it excellent for enterprise. Unfortunately, BlackBerry does not have Wi-Fi access like the iPhone.


1. The iPhone screen measures 3.5″, with 480×320 mega pixels, while the BlackBerry Storm measures 3.26″, 480×360 mega pixels.

2. The BlackBerry camera features 3.2 mega pixels, compared to the iPhone camera, which is only 2 mega pixels.

3. The BlackBerry Storm memory is 1G, while the iPhone is only 128MB.

4. BlackBerry can be found on both AT&T and Verizon, while iPhone can be found only on the AT&T network.

5. The iPhone dominates Blackberry with it’s many applications.

6. BlackBerry is guaranteed in terms of sending messages and e-mails, as well as taking calls without degrading on-screen data.

7. The iPhone is easy to use, while BlackBerry has plenty of shortcuts.

8. The iPhone has Wi-Fi, but Blackberry does not.

9. BlackBerry’s battery life lasts longer than the iPhone’s battery life.

10. BlackBerry Storm can serve as a speakerphone, but the iPhone cannot.

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