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Difference Between Nikon D7000 and Nikon D90

Nikon D7000 vs Nikon D90

For quite some time, people have been expecting and guessing about what camera Nikon would present as a replacement for their widely priced D90 DSLR camera. So, the announcement of the D7000 as the D90’s successor did not come as a surprise. What came as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, is the list of features that it came with. The D7000 specs are far above the D90 and come pretty close to the D300S.

The first major difference between the D7000 and D90 is the sensor resolution, up by roughly 4 megapixels to 16.2 megapixels. A higher sensor resolution usually means sharper images with more details as the sensor is able to use more pixels to represent a given area of the image. Coupled with the upgraded sensor is the increase in ISO range. The D90 has a range of 200-3200 and can be expanded to 6400. In comparison, the D7000 can already do 100-6400 stock and can reach 25600 with the expansion. Lastly, the D7000 is able to shoot continuously much faster than the D90 can; more pictures per second give you a higher chance of capturing that fleeting moment, which is very important in motion photography.

The D90 introduced HD video shooting to DSLR cameras, and now the D7000 takes it another step forward. While the D90 can only shoot 720p resolution videos, the D7000 can do the maximum 1080p. The D7000 also has features for very basic video editing in the camera.

The D7000 also inherited some features that are found on the D300S but not on the D90. An example is the dual memory card slots. The D7000 can even accommodate SDXC memory cards, which increases the maximum capacity beyond the 32GB limit of SDHC cards that can be used on the D90. The D7000 also inherits the magnesium body construction. This not only makes the D7000 a lot more rigid, the added weight and heft also gives a feeling of substance to the camera.


1.The D7000 is the successor to the D90
2.The D7000 has a higher sensor resolution than the D90
3.The D7000 has a wider ISO range than the D90
4.The D7000 has a higher continuous shooting rate than the D90
5.The D7000 can shoot 1080p movies while the D90 can only shoot 720p
6.The D7000 has two memory card slots while the D90 only has one
7.The D7000 is made out of magnesium alloy while the D90 is not

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