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Difference Between Nikon D300 and D300S

Nikon D300 vs D300S

The Nikon D300S is just a slight upgrade to the D300. It still retains most of the most important aspects like the processor and sensor resolution while adding a few tweaks to improve the features. The main difference between the D300 and D300S is the inclusion of video recording capabilities in the latter. While the D300 can only shoot still photos, the D300S is capable of shooting 720p videos. The D300S is also equipped with a mic and an external mic port so that you can record audio in your videos.

Another difference between the D300 and D300S is in the storage medium that you can use. The D300 can only take CompactFlash cards, which are more expensive and sometimes harder to find than SD cards. The D300S did not replace the CF card slot. Instead, it adds an SD card slot to it. With the dual card slots, you have the freedom to go with either. This is perfect for those who already have CF cards but may want to slowly transition to the cheaper and more popular SD cards.

When it comes to hardware, very little was actually changed. The D300S adds a dedicated info button that you can use to view details of the picture you’ve taken; a helpful feature if you like checking on the exposure of your images. In terms of performance, the D300S inches out the D300. The D300S is capable of shooting pictures continuously at 7 frames per second; a slight improvement over the 6fps continuous shooting of the D300.

The D300S is also equipped with very minimal in-camera editing capabilities, both for pictures and for videos. These are nothing when compared to dedicated software that you can use on your computer for the same purpose. But it gives you an option when you’re in a pinch.

Overall, the D300S is not really a good option for D300 owners who want to upgrade because of their very similar capabilities, especially in terms of still photography. The D300S is a more appealing option to those who were planning to upgrade to the D300.


  1. The D300S is capable of recording video while the D300 cannot
  2. The D300S has two memory card slots while the D300 only has one
  3. The D300S has a slightly faster continuous shooting rate than the D300
  4. The D300S has a dedicated info button while the D300 does not
  5. The D300S has basic in-camera editing features while the D300 does not

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