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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Samsung Pixon12

Nokia N8 vs Samsung Pixon12

The Nokia N8 is one of the hottest smartphones in the market today and its excellent camera is partly to blame. It is probably good to compare it to another phone with a similar camera; the Samsung Pixon12. The main difference between the two is their type. As previously stated, the N8 is a smartphone with plenty of apps and functionalities. On the other hand, the Pixon12 is just a cameraphone and is not as functional as the N8.

With the hardware, there are two differences; the screen and memory. The screen of the N8 is bigger at 3.5 inches compared to the 3.1 inch screen on the Pixon12. The Pixon12 sort-of makes up for the smaller screen by having a higher resolution; 480×800 to the N8’s 360×640. Higher resolution means finer image display, which is better for showing high resolution images. With a cameraphone, you’d need a lot of memory to hold the images you take. Sadly, the Pixon12 is very lacking in this department as it only has 150MB of internal memory. If you are planning to buy the Pixon12, better prepare extra for the memory card. The N8 has no such problem as 16GB of internal memory is more than enough for most people. If you still need more, the microSD card slot can accommodate 32GB memory cards.

The biggest similarity between the two is their cameras. 12 megapixel sensors coupled with excellent lenses and an autofocus feature. In this area, the N8 still wins out as many tests have revealed that the camera of the N8 takes better shots than that of the Pixon12. Another downside of the Pixon12 is its inability to shoot HD quality video. It can only take D1 (720×480) videos at 30fps while the N8 is able to take 720p (1280×720) videos at 25fps. Lastly, the N8 is able to interface with HDTVs using its HDMI connector to show HD videos and photos. The Pixon12 has a TV-out instead and can only use that lower standard for interfacing with TVs and other devices.


  1. The N8 is a smartphone while the Pixon12 is a cameraphone
  2. The N8 has a bigger screen but lower resolution than the Pixon12
  3. The N8 has a lot more memory than the Pixon12
  4. The N8 camera is better than the Pixon12 camera
  5. The N8 takes HD quality video while the Pixon12 cannot
  6. The N8 has an HDMI connector while the Pixon12 has a TV out

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