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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Samsung Vibrant

Nokia N8 vs Samsung Vibrant

The Nokia N8 and the Samsung Vibrant are two very different phones that achieve pretty much the same thing as there probably isnt something you can do on one that you couldn’t do on the other. But even if both can do the same stuff, one always does it better. To start with, the N8 is powered by the new Symbian OS, Symbian^3, while the Vibrant is powered by Google’s Android. Symbian^3 shows a lot of promise and is very efficient to run smoothly on relatively weak hardware but there still not a lot of phones that use this operating system and there may still be some problems that appear in the future. Although Android is not that much older than Symbian^3, it has gone through update after update and is even competing with Apple’s highly polished iOS. The number of applications is also another area where the Vibrant wins over the N8.

With the hardware, both the N8 and the Vibrant use AMOLED displays that are protected by gorilla glass. The screen of the Vibrant is just bigger than that on the N8 by half an inch and also has a correspondingly higher resolution. A bigger screen is better at just about anything as you have more screen space for browsing the net, watching videos, and even typing with the on-screen keyboard.

The camera has always been the focal point of the N8. And in this area, the N8 blows the Vibrant out of the water. The N8 has a 12 megapixel sensor that is much bigger than the 5 megapixel sensor on the Vibrant. Although the sensor size is not the only factor in taking great images, it plays a major role in how fine the photo you take can be. Complemented by great optics, the N8 simply takes better images than the Vibrant. But when it comes to video, the difference between the two is not that significant as both phones can take 720p HD video. The quality of the N8 video may still be better to that of the Vibrant’s but as previously said, it is not that significant.

Lastly, the N8 is a phone that doesn’t have any tie-ins with specific carriers. On the other hand, the Vibrant is a version of the Samsung Galaxy S that is specific to T-mobile; therefore, you cannot get it from other carriers. There are other variants for other carriers though. So you can still get something that pretty much has the same specs as the Vibrant.


1. The N8 is powered by Symbian^3 while the Vibrant is powered by Android
2. The N8 screen is smaller to that of the Vibrant screen
3. The N8 has a better camera than the Vibrant
4. The N8 is available on all carriers while the Vibrant is exclusive to T-mobile

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