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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Nokia C7

Nokia N8 vs Nokia C7

The N8 is Noki’s top of the line smartphone. But with the release of the C7, many are wondering what the difference between the N8 and C7 is. Obviously, there is the price as the C7 is the cheaper and scaled down version of the N8. Many of the top-end features of the N8 are missing in the C7.

Despite having the same screen, there is one major difference between the two; Gorilla glass. Gorilla glass is a special type of glass that is used on the N8. It is virtually indestructible and should protect the N8’s screen against scratches and accidental impacts. The C7’s screen is more likely to show scratches and is more prone to breaking when dropped or banged against a hard object.

The prime selling point of the N8 is its camera. At 12 megapixels, and coupled with autofocus and Carl Zeiss optics, it competes with many digital cameras available today. The C7 is not as good as that on the N8 as its sensor is has a resolution of 8 megapixels and it lacks autofocus. The photos that the C7 takes are still comparable, if not better, to most other smartphones. Memory is also another aspect where the C7 has less. The N8 has 16GB of internal memory while the C7 only has 8Gb. But once you run out of space on you internal memory, it is possible with both models to add a microSD memory card for even more. The N8’s camera is also supported by the addition of the HDMI port. The port allows the N8 to connect to HDTVs and output HD video directly. The C7 does not have an HDMI port but it does have a TV-OUT. It is still able to output video, but not of HD quality.

Usually, the feel of the device gives a general idea whether it is a pricey phone or not; it is no different between the N8 and C7. The N8’s anodized aluminum body gives it a hefty and sturdy feel while the plastic body of the C7, though not really flimsy, is no competitor to that of the N8.


  1. The C7 is the cheaper version of the N8
  2. The N8 uses gorilla glass while the C7 does not
  3. The N8 has a much better camera than the C7
  4. The N8 has more internal memory than the C7
  5. The N8 has an HDMI port while the C7 does not
  6. The N8 has a metal body while the C7 uses plastics

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  1. Points 2 and 6 in summary are not true.

  2. in my nokia n8 internal memory shows 455kb
    its not 16 GB.
    its only 6 days old mobile phone.

  3. nokia c7 screen is gorilla glass just like nokia n8 and it’s body from metal not plastic

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