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Difference Between Nokia N8 and T-Mobile G2

Nokia N8 vs T-Mobile G2

The T-Mobile G2 is the update to the G1 that T-Mobile and Google worked with. It is one of the phones that showed how Android can compete in the smartphone market. The N8 is Nokia’s attempt to stave their leaking market share. The main difference between the two is the operating system with both phones sporting relatively new ones. Google’s Android only has a couple of years under its belt but has shown a lot of promise and progress. Although Symbian has been around since the early days of smartphones, it is rather old and Symbian^3 is more like a new operating system written from the ground up. In this aspect, it seems that the N8’s Symbian^3 is on the losing with. Especially with Nokia partnering with Microsoft and adopting their Windows Phone 7 OS.

The G2 is a slider that features a landscape keyboard underneath while the N8 is a candybar that relies fully on the soft keyboard. The G2 keyboard is one of the best keyboards on a phone and typing on it is simply quick and easy. A screen lacks the tactile feedback of real buttons, so typing on-screen is something you need to get used to. Speaking of the screen, the G2 has the bigger screen of the two. Having a 3.7 inch screen compared to the 3.5 inch screen of the N8. The same is true with resolution as the G2 has 480×800 pixels to the N8’s 360×640. The N8 gains points though for using gorilla glass to protect the display.

There is a huge gap between the two when it comes to internal memory. The N8 comes with 16GB of memory while the G2 only has 4GB. The latter comes with an 8GB microSD card though, closing the gap to just 4GB. Ample memory is important for the N8 to hold the photos and videos it can take. The camera of the N8 has a 12 megpixel resolution and equipped with a Carl-Zeiss lens and Xenon flash. The camera of the G2 is not too shabby as it is even better than most other smartphones. But the N8 camera is simply better than that of the G2.


1. The N8 runs on Symbian^3 while the G2 runs on Android
2. The G2 has a QWERTY keyboard while the N8 doesn’t
3. The G2 has a bigger screen than the N8
4. The N8 has more memory than the G2
5. The N8 camera is much better than the G2 camera

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