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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung’s Galaxy has been growing since the day it was created. It started out with smartphones then expanded to tablets with the Galaxy Tab. And now, the latest member of the family is the Galaxy Player 5.0. The main difference between the Galaxy Player 5.0 and the Galaxy Tab is their designation. The Tab is a tablet, which provides most of the functionalities of a computer in a small device. In contrast, the Galaxy Player 5.0 is a portable media player. It does most of the things that the Tab can do while focusing more on portability. It is more of a direct competitor to the iPod Touch than to other tablets.

Of course, the biggest difference between the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Player 5.0 is their size. While the Galaxy Player 5.0 features a 5-inch screen, the Galaxy Tab comes in several models with varying screen sizes starting with the first model that featured a 7-inch screen, the second with its 10.1-inch screen, and the latest with its 8.9-inch screen. The larger Galaxy Tabs cannot be used with just one hand and often requires that you be in a stable position so that you can manipulate the screen to avoid dropping it. The smaller Galaxy Tab is just slightly larger than most mobile phones and should be easily usable with just one hand.

Because the Galaxy Player 5.0 screen is much smaller compared to other tablets, it is not appropriate to use the Honeycomb version of Android which is optimized for the larger screens of tablets. The Galaxy Player 5.0 uses the Froyo version which is used by smartphones. It is expected, though, that Samsung will release a Gingerbread update in the near future.

Choosing between the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Player 5.0 is all down to preference and the expected usage scenario. If you plan on using the device at home or in coffee shops and the like, the Galaxy Tab should provide a better experience due to its size. If you are constantly on the move, however, the Galaxy Player 5.0 is very easy to operate and store in almost any pocket.


1.The Galaxy Player 5.0 is a portable media player while the Galaxy Tab is a tablet.
2.The Galaxy Player 5.0 is significantly smaller than the Galaxy Tab.
3.The Galaxy Player 5.0 uses Froyo while the Galaxy Tab uses Honeycomb.

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