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Difference Between Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

When it comes to tablets, Apple is still the dominant one and they want to keep this lead with the release of the iPad 2. But unlike before, the iPad 2 now faces competition from the likes of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 from Samsung. The most noticeable difference between the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is screen size. The 8.9 simply means that the Galaxy Tab has an 8.9 inch screen. Slightly smaller than the 9.7 inch screen of the iPad 2. Despite this, the Galaxy Tab has the higher resolution of the two as the iPad 2 retains the resolution of the original iPad.

Although it’s been said before, it is worth saying again, the iPad 2 uses the latest version of iOS while the Galaxy Tab uses Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb. iOS suffers from lack of true multitasking and flash support; the former for running multiple apps simultaneously and the latter for viewing flash content, which is used by many sites, via the browser. While Honeycomb doesn’t have that many apps yet, users can still choose from the plethora of Android apps. Gone is the Apple app advantage as more and more developers create Android apps.

While many smartphones are now equipped with 8MP or even higher digital cameras, tablets seem to be stuck in the past; with the iPad 2 in the far back. The Galaxy Tab has a 3.15 and 2 megapixel cameras for the rear and front, a whole lot better than the .7 and .3 megapixel cameras of the iPad 2. The rear camera of the iPad 2 is capable of taking 720p video, which puts it at par with the Galaxy Tab camera. But when it comes to stills, the Galaxy Tab simply blows the iPad 2 out of the water.

When it comes to features, the Galaxy Tab also has a few advantages. The first is the presence of a GPS receiver even in the WiFi only version. GPS is only available on the 3G version of the iPad 2. So if you want to use the tablet as a substitute navigation device, you’re going to have to fork the extra cash over. Another feature that is expectedly missing from the iPad 2 is a microSD card slot. The Galaxy Tab can accommodate microSD cards of up to 32GB, providing more room for storage.


1.The iPad 2 has a bigger screen than the Galaxy Tab
2.The iPad 2 uses iOS while the Galaxy Tab uses Android
3.The cameras on the Galaxy Tab are better than the cameras on the iPad 2
4.The iPad 2 doesn’t have built-in GPs while the Galaxy Tab does
5.The iPad 2 doesn’t have a microSD slot while the Galaxy Tab does

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  1. Replace flash -> Flash (it’s a proper name)

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