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Difference Between Samsung HZ30W and Samsung HZ35W

Samsung HZ30W vs Samsung HZ35W

The HZ30W and HZ35W from Samsung were announced at the very same time. Not only do they look exactly alike, they also share almost all functionalities. When it comes to the quality of the images you can shoot, there is no difference at all as they both have the same exact sensor, lens, and image processor. Their difference lies in the added features in the HZ35W that you would not find in the HZ30W. The first is the AMOLED display of the HZ35W, whereas the HZ30W has the usual TFT LCD. And the second is the GPS receiver of the HZ35W that is not on the HZ30W.

The AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display is a relatively new technology that presents several advantages compared to traditional TFT LCD screens. Each element in the AMOLED display produces its own light. This allows the display to be much brighter and produce better contrast. It also performs better when under bright sunlight. LCD displays wash out and it becomes difficult to see what is on the screen. Viewing angles are also better with AMOLED displays as the colors do not distort like with LCD screens. Lastly, the lack of a backlight means that the AMOLED display is thinner and consumes less power.

The second upgrade is the GPS receiver. Although it doesn’t mean that you can use the camera as a navigation device, like with phones with GPS receivers, it opens up a few features. The first is the ability to know where you are as you can use the camera to display where you are after you download a map into your camera’s memory card. The second is geo-tagging or the ability to encode the latitude and longitude on the photos. Basically, it stamps your photo with information about where it was taken. If you are concerned about keeping that information private or you just don’t want to use the feature, you can turn-off the GPS receiver with a mechanical switch on the upper left hand; right beside the bulk that hides the GPS receiver itself.

Aside from the two things stated above, they are absolutely identical. Just expect that the HZ35W to cost a bit more than the HZ30W.

1. The HZ35W is equipped with an AMOLED display while the HZ30W is not
2. The HZ35W has a GPS receiver while the HZ30W does not

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