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Difference Between HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II)

HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II)

Dual core seems to be the trend nowadays as it presents better performance without the excessive battery drain. Two dual core offerings from the smartphone giants HTC and Samsung are the Sensation and Galaxy S2 respectively. The most noticeable difference between the Sensation and the Galaxy S2 is their display. Although their displays are identically sized, the types are worlds apart. HTC uses a super LCD display, which provides excellent performance. But, the super AMOLED display of the Galaxy S2 blows it out of the water in terms of contrast and viewing angles.

There are also consequences to using an AMOLED display; the reduction in thickness and lower power consumption. The Sensation’s and Galaxy S2’s height and width are pretty much within a millimeter of each other. But, the Galaxy S2 is just three quarters of the thickness of the Sensation. The lower power consumption of the display contributes to the longer battery life of the Galaxy S2; not to mention that it also has a slightly bigger battery. Standby time is almost doubled while talk time is better by 50% or even more.

When it comes to the cameras, the main cameras of the Sensation and Galaxy S2 are quite evenly matched, except for additional LED flash in the Sensation. The added light makes for better low light shooting and lesser noise generated as the sensor would not have to max out its sensitivity. With the front facing camera, the Galaxy S2 has a better than average 2 megapixel sensor, significantly better than the 0.3 megapixel front facing camera of the Sensation. Although the front facing camera may not always be in use, having a VGA camera is just out of place in phones at this tier.

Performance-wise, the Sensation and the Galaxy S2 are quite similar. There should be little to no difference in using both phones as they also feature Google’s latest version of Android. The Galaxy S2 just has a number of features that give it an edge over HTC’s offering.


1.The Galaxy S2 uses an AMOLED display while the Sensation uses an LCD display
2.The Galaxy S2 is thinner than the Sensation
3.The Galaxy S2 gets better battery life than the Sensation
4.The Sensation has dual LED flashes while the Galaxy S2 only has one
5.The Galaxy S2 has a higher resolution front facing camera than the Sensation

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  1. first of, this site is the best thing since wikipedia!
    I use a Galaxy 2 and truly it has to be the best phone I have ever used to date for all the reasons mentioned in this report.
    However, for some reason my battery doesn’t last more than 3 hrs, then i have to get itcharged since I got it less than 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions…any one?

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