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Difference Between Samsung Instinct and Instinct S30

samsung-instinct-mobileSamsung Instinct vs Instinct S30

The Samsung Instinct is a mobile phone that shares the now too popular iPhone form factor. It has a 3.1inch touch screen display and very minimal controls. Its edge comes from being a 3G phone and having faster data speeds compared to what the iPhone can achieve. The Instinct S30 is the successor of the original Instinct and looks almost identical to the older version. The differences between the two are very minor but makes the S30 better when put together. The call quality of the S30 during voice or video calls have also been improved. This is probably because of the mixed reviews that the original instinct received. A lot of critics pointed out the inferior call quality on the instinct. Samsung also raised the maximum external memory that can be used with the S30. Raising it to 32GB compared to the 16GB maximum of the original.

Something that amazed and dumbfounded a lot of people was Samsung’s move to downgrade the EV-DO version on the S30. The original Instinct had Rev. A with speeds that range from 600kbps to 1.4mbps. The S30 is equipped with Rev. 0 EV-DO. It is quite slower and can only achieve 400kbps to 700kbps. The slower data speed affects all 3G services like video calling and even internet browsing. Most people question this counter intuitive move from Samsung.

People appreciated the number of accessories that came with the Instinct, the most notable of which is the spare battery and its carrying case. You can charge the battery in the carrying case with the supplied charger even as you use your mobile phone. You can then swap the batteries in case you run out of juice and don’t have that much time to charge.

A lot of people consider the S30 to be inferior to the original instinct simply because of the downgraded EV-DO. The improvements on the S30 is simply insufficient to justify the slower data speed on a second generation device. People also missed the spare battery and carrying case that came with the original Instinct.

1.The Instinct S30 looks identical to the original instinct with a few modifications
2.The call quality of the S30 has been improved due to bad reviews on the original
3.The maximum compatible external memory of the S30 has been raised to 32GB
4.The S30 has a downgraded version of EV-DO compared to the first Instinct
5.The S30 no longer comes with an extra battery

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  1. 5MP Camera, 720p HD recording, Wi-Fi, Accelerometer, Navigation, interchangable memory cards, easy to copy files off the phone w/a USB microSD adapter, loud speakerphone capability, Improved Touch Screen, patch that fixed the battery issue.

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