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Difference Between Samsung Intensity and Samsung Intensity II

Samsung Intensity vs Samsung Intensity II

As always, any phone that is popular gets updated in order to enhance its features while maintaining the parts that made it popular in the first place. For the Samsung Intensity, it is the QWERTY keyboard, which makes it very easy to quickly type out text messages or even emails. The biggest difference between the Intensity and its replacement, the Intensity II, is the generation. The Intensity is a 2G phone that can only utilize 2G technologies like SMS and 2G data speeds. The Intensity II is a 3G phone and the most significant benefit it provides is faster connection speeds to the Internet. This is apparent with Samsung’s inclusion of social networking apps.

Aside from the generation, there are also changes that were made to the hardware. The screen of the Intensity II is slightly bigger than that of the Intensity but only by a matter of 0.1 of an inch. The more significant thing is the increase from a resolution of 176×220 in the Intensity to 240×320 in the Intensity II, The higher resolution allows for finer images on screen.

Another feature that was added into the Intensity II is GPS, although it can only use Assisted GPS (A-GPS). GPS provides coordinates that can be used with certain applications to accurately pinpoint where you are on the surface of the earth. A-GPS is one type of GPS that relies on an Internet connection in order to obtain some data. This feature or any other location mechanism is absent in the Intensity.

It is not all upgrades though as the battery of the Intensity II is substantially smaller in capacity than what you would find on the Intensity. Instead of the 1500mAH battery of the Intensity, the Intensity II is equipped with only a 1000mAH battery. This drastically reduced both standby and talk times from 500 hours and 7 hours respectively for the Intensity to 300 hours and 5 hours for the Intensity II. Although reduced, the battery of the Intensity can still last for a long time; just not as long as that of the Intensity.


1. The Intensity II is a 3G phone while the Intensity is a 2G phone

2. The Intensity II has a bigger and better LCD screen than the Intensity

3. The Intensity II is equipped with GPS while the Intensity is not

4. The Intensity II has a smaller battery compared to the Intensity

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