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Difference Between Galaxy S Phone and Galaxy Tab

Galaxy S Phone vs Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy line has been the Android flag bearer for Samsung. The Galaxy S and its many variants represent Samsung in the smartphone market while the Galaxy Tab is a new device that aims to contend with the popular iPad from Apple. There are many differences between the Galaxy S phones and the Tab, starting with their intended use. While the Galaxy S is a phone, the Tab is intended as a multimedia tablet. This means that it lacks call and text messaging functionality despite having a 3G radio built into the device. The 3G radio is mainly for data communication as an alternative to WiFi.

You may think that there is nothing that the Galaxy Tab can do that the Galaxy S cannot and you would be right. There is one main advantage to the Tab though, its size. Rather than having a 4 inch screen like that of the Galaxy S, the Tab has a 7 inch screen; more or less double that of most smartphones but not as big as the iPad. It’s a compromise between providing as much display real estate and portability.

As a multimedia device it is important to have ample amounts of storage for the audio and video files. Both the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S are equipped with ample amounts of memory but the Tab has higher amounts; the Tab comes in 16GB and 32GB versions while the Galaxy S sports half that at 8GB and 16GB versions. But in case you find out much later that the version you got has insufficient memory, you can always purchase a microSD card for up to 32GB of extra storage space.

Just like the Galaxy S, the Tab is also equipped with dual cameras for taking videos, photos, and for video conferencing.  The difference is in the power of the cameras as the rear camera of the Galaxy S is better to that of the Tab. It has a 5 megapixel sensor that is capable of taking 720p video while that of the Galaxy Tab has a 3 megapixel sensor and is only able to record 480p, or SD quality, video. With the front-facing camera, the Tab has the better one as it is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera compared to the VGA camera on the Galaxy S.


  1. The Galaxy S is a phone while the Galaxy Tab is a multimedia tablet
  2. The Galaxy S is smaller than the Galaxy Tab
  3. The Galaxy S comes with lower memory options than the Galaxy Tab
  4. The Galaxy S has a better camera than the Galaxy Tab

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