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Difference Between Samsung Strive and Samsung Flight

Samsung Strive vs Samsung Flight

The Samsung Strive and Samsung Flight are two phones that share a lot in common; not the least of which is their form factor. Both phones are vertical sliders that hide a full QWERTY keyboard underneath instead of the usual numeric keypad. Text messaging fanatics and those who consider e-mail as a necessity would probably like these phones as the QWERTY keyboard makes typing pretty quick. The main difference between the two would probably be the screens. Although you would expect that both phones have a touch screen interface, the Strive does not and relies only on the keyboard and keys for interaction. Aside from the lack of touch capability, the screen of the Strive is also slightly smaller than that of the Flight. It only measures 2.6 inches while the screen of the Flight measures 2.8 inches.

Since the Strive does not have the touch capability, it is understandable why its face has more quite a few keys. The top two are soft keys, the bottom two are the call and end buttons, and the small ones in between are the launcher and back buttons respectively. On the other hand, the Flight only has the call and end buttons as the screen would be used for most interactions when the slider is closed.

Both devices have GPS receivers installed in them; the only difference is the type. The Flight has a stand-alone GPS receiver that functions separately while the A-GPS receiver of the flight would attempt to download data from online servers using the internet connection that is available to it. The data allows the Strive to get a lock more quickly and work through despite a momentary interruption of signal from the satellites; commonly caused by entering tunnels or other areas where a view of the sky is obstructed.

Both the Flight and Strive have the same capacity battery and their talk times are identical at 3 hours. There is a significant difference between the two though when it comes to standby times. The Flight can last for up to 360 hours while the Strive can only last for 250 hours.

1. The Flight is a touch screen phone while the Strive is not
2. The Flight has a slightly bigger screen than the Strive
3. The Flight has fewer keys up front than the Strive
4. The Flight has a GPS receiver while the Strive has an A-GPS receiver
5. The Flight has a longer standby time compared to the Strive

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