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Difference Between Samsung Solstice and Samsung Sunburst

Samsung Solstice vs Samsung Sunburst

The Samsung Solstice and Sunburst are touch screen phones that forego having any sort of keypad or keyboard and rely solely only on the screen for all input needs. The Sunburst is a standard 2G phone with the same capabilities as 2G phones. On the other hand, the Solstice is a 3G phone and it can reach data speeds of up to 3.6Mbps for downloads. This speed makes it very convenient to use the phone for browsing web sites or even as a 3G modem when tethered to a computer. One thing though, despite being a 3G phone, the Solstice is not capable of doing video calls because it only has one camera and it is located at the back. It lacks the smaller front facing camera that is used for video calling.

Both phones are also able to act as navigation aids as both phones have GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers on them; given that you have the necessary software to utilize the receivers. The Solstice has a GPS receiver that is able to work alone or with assistance from an online connection. Some data is downloaded through the online connection that allows the Solstice to make quicker and more accurate locks on its position. On the other hand, the Sunburst is equipped with an A-GPS receiver, which is similar to that on the Solstice but would not work unless it is assisted by an online connection. If your phone connects to the Internet to get GPS information and you do not have an unlimited data plan, you may incur additional charges.

Lastly, the Sunburst is only able to accept microSD memory cards with capacities of 16GB or less. On the other hand, the Solstice is able to accept up to 32GB of SDHC memory. Keep in mind that there may also be 32GB SDXC cards and your phone may not recognize these despite being the same size. Even if the Sunburst can only take smaller cards, you can still purchase more than one if you really need the capacity and just swap them whenever you want.


1. The Solstice is a 3G phone while the Sunburst is a 2G phone

2. The Solstice is equipped with a GPS receiver while Sunburst can only utilize A-GPS

3. The Solstice can accommodate 32GB microSD cards while the Sunburst can only accommodate 16GB cards

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