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Difference Between Tablet PCs and Netbooks

netbook_amTablet PCs vs Netbooks

Laptops or notebooks started the move away from desktop computers to add a bit more mobility to the user. Although notebooks are now pretty prevalent in today’s world, there is still some room for improvement in terms of mobility and usability.Tablet PCs and netbooks fall under ultra-mobile devices that are small, light, and very convenient to use. The most major difference between the two is their price point. Tablets are often more expensive than regular notebooks due to the changes in the design that allow for their functionality. On the other end of the spectrum, the biggest draw for netbooks is the very low price, often at half of what a standard notebook would sell for.

A netbook is basically a scaled down version of a notebook. Everything is smaller, including the chassis, screen, and keyboard. Tablet PCs are slightly different from netbooks, and even laptops. Central to its design is a touch screen interface that allows the user to navigate easily and quickly with the use of a stylus. Although there are versions of tablets that have a keyboard, the main input source is still the touch screen, using handwriting recognition. The touch screen of a tablet has the advantage when you want to draw figures or diagrams as it would be quite difficult to do the same on a netbook unless you have a mouse and a flat surface to work on.

Netbooks share the same form and vulnerabilities of a notebook like shock and moisture. Tablet PCs are a little bit more prone to damage due to its improved mobility and overall design. Since tablets are meant to be used in the field, it is always exposed to harsher environments than netbooks. The fact that the screen is often unprotected further increases the probability of damage due to stuff falling on it. The use of the screen as the input device can also lead to damage. Most table PC manufacturers have taken steps to further strengthen their devices and even producing ruggedized versions.

The only real reason to getting a tablet PC is if your job keeps you on your feet all the time and it is necessary to hold the device on one hand and using the other to operate it. For most people who simply need a small and light computer that they can move from one desk, or bench, to another, a netbook would probably suffice.


1. Tablet PCs costs a lot more compared to netbooks

2. Tablet PCs need to have touch screen interface while most netbooks don’t

3. Tablet PCs are more prone to damage compared to netbooks

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