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Difference Between Netbook and iPod Touch

ipod-touch-pdNetbook vs. iPod Touch

Netbooks (also commonly known as mini notebooks or ultra portables) are a type of notebook (known as a subnotebook). This permutation of the notebook is a more portable, lightweight laptop computer that is used primarily by those users who travel extensively. It is capable of allowing mobile users to access web based applications.

The iPod Touch is Apple’s latest permutation of their popular iPod MP3 line. It is an all inclusive portable media player, personal digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile piece of technology. It is widely renowned for its trademark multi-touch Graphical User Interface (or GUI). It is the first iPod to contain wireless access to the iTunes Store, in which users are capable of purchasing applications and other visual and audio media for their portable device.

The Netbook has less power than larger laptop computers. Still, some versions of the Netbook do not have a conventional hard drive, and instead depend on a solid state storage device (which requires less power, is much lighter and more shock resistant than this lightweight laptop computer). The newest permutation of the Netbook comes standard with Wi-Fi wireless networking capabilities, and can also be used on mobile telephone networks.

The iPod Touch comes complete with a glass touchscreen that, while convenient for the everyday user, can prove quite detrimental if cracked (as the device will be incapable of functioning properly as the technology requires that the screen be touchable – with cracks, the user is unable to access his or her applications). The home screen houses the icons of the applications that are available on the user’s iPod Touch. Standard with every iPod Touch are the applications Music, Videos, Photos, and iTunes. The iPod Touch also comes equipped with the Calendar, Contacts, Clock, Calculator, and Settings. Such applications as YouTube and Safari are also complimentary to the home screen of the iPod Touch (and as such cannot be removed directly from the screen).

The Netbook is compatible with multiple operating systems – including Microsoft and Linux. Over 90% of the Netbooks that are now on the market ship with the Microsoft XP as the dominant operating system. Some notebooks have also been outfitted with Windows Vista and the newest Microsoft offering, Windows 7. Many of the Netbooks are unable to activate Windows in an enterprise environment using a Microsoft Key Management Service (or KMS) because they do not come equipped with System Locked Preinstallation (or SLP).


1. The Netbook is a lightweight, ultra portable notebook; the iPod Touch is an all inclusive portable media device.

2. The newest permutation of the Netbook comes standard with a Microsoft XP operating system and Wi-Fi wireless capabilities; the iPod Touch comes standard with Wi-Fi capabilities, Safari, Contacts, Calendar, Clock, Calculator, and iTunes Store application.

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