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Difference Between the Flip 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation

Flip 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation

The Flip is a digital video camera that has become very popular due to its simplicity. It allows just about anyone to shoot HD quality video and transfer it to a computer or view it on a display. Two versions are now currently available for the Flip Ultra HD, the 2nd and 3rd generations. The 3rd generation is the later of the two and has a number of improvements over its predecessor. One of the differences between the 2nd and 3rd generation Flips is the amount of internal memory. The former only has 4GB while the latter doubles that to 8GB. This is very important as the Flip doesn’t have any memory card slot, so you are basically stuck with what your unit has.

Another difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation Flips is their frame rate. While both cameras can record at a resolution of 720p, the 2nd generation Flip can only do so at a frame rate of 30fps while the 3rd generation Flip is capable of a full 60fps. The higher frame rate of the 3rd generation Flip is better for shooting moving subjects as it is less likely to suffer from blurring. This is aided further by the inclusion of image stabilization in the 3rd generation Flip. Image stabilization helps to cancel out the movement of the shooters hands. Although it’s not as good as with other cameras, it is still helpful when you do not have a solid surface to lean your hand on.

Lastly, the 3rd generation Flip is smaller, and more importantly, slimmer than the 2nd generation. This increases its pocketability. It easily fits into a pocket or a purse so you can always be ready when a situation that you like to shoot comes up.

Overall, the improvements of the 3rd generation Flip isn’t really groundbreaking. But if you can spare a few extra bucks, you would probably appreciate the expanded memory as well as the other new features that are not available on the 2nd generation Flip.


The 3rd generation Flip has twice the amount of memory of the 2nd generation Flip
The 3rd generation Flip can record at 60fps while the 2nd generation can only record at 30fps
The 3rd generation Flip has image stabilization while the 2nd generation Flip doesn’t
The 3rd generation Flip is smaller and slimmer than the 2nd generation Flip

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  1. Your information is not totally correct. the Flip Ultra 1st gen came is 4 and 8gb for 1 and 2 hour recording. Same with the second gen.

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