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Difference Between Flip Mino and Flip Ultra

Flip Mino vs Flip Ultra

The Flip is not camera that is renowned for its image quality or its advanced features. But, if there is anything that the Flip does best, it’s simplicity. You can just pick up the Flip and start shooting right away then connect it to a PC and transfer or upload the files to the internet. The two most popular versions of the Flip are the Mino and the Ultra and the main difference between them is size. The Flip Ultra is significantly bigger and heavier than the Flip Mino.

The size difference between the Mino and the Ultra can be attributed to the difference in power source. While the Flip Mino uses an internal Li-Ion battery, like what you would expect from most modern devices like cameras and phone, the Flip Ultra chooses to go with a battery pack that matches standard batteries. If the power runs out, you can easily swap it with standard AA or AAA batteries and keep shooting. The ability to use standard batteries makes it easier to keep shooting even when the battery is dead but adds extra bulk.

Another key difference between the Flip Mino and the Flip Ultra is the location of their flip-out USB connectors. The Ultra’s is located on the side while that of the Mino is on the top. In this regard, the Mino is better as the smaller width of the top means that you would be blocking less of your laptop’s ports when it is connected. With the Ultra, you probably can’t use the adjacent USB ports and all other ports that are in close proximity.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the price difference between the Ultra and the Mino. In general, there is a $30 difference with the Mino being the pricier of the two. If you want a sleeker Flip and don’t mind the premium, the Mino would be perfect. But if you want the ability to use standard batteries, saving an additional $30 is not such a bad deal either.


1. The Flip Ultra is bigger than the Flip Mino
2. The Flip Ultra can accommodate standard batteries while the Flip Mino cannot
3. The Flip Ultra USB port is on the side while that of the Flip Mino is on the side
4. The Flip Ultra is cheaper than the Flip Mino

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