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Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace

a Samsung Galaxy S vs a Galaxy Ace

The Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace are two smartphones from Samsung. The main difference between them is their target market, and this consequently affects all other aspects. The Galaxy S is a high-end phone that is packed with all the features that you would expect from a smartphone and more. The Galaxy Ace is a mid-range phone with a limited feature set and a lower price point.

The first thing you would notice to be different between the two phones is the screen size. While the Galaxy S has a 4-inch screen, the Galaxy Ace only has a smaller 3.5-inch screen. The Galaxy S screen is also superior in many ways aside from the size. It’s got more than double the number of pixels and is secured with Gorilla glass.

When it comes to the camera, the two seem to be equals as both have 5 megapixel cameras, but the Galaxy Ace has the advantage of an LED flash for low light conditions. When it comes to video recording, there is absolutely no comparison. The Galaxy S can record HD video at 720p while the Galaxy Ace cannot even manage VGA, only recording at QVGA or 320×240.

The inability to shoot high-resolution video is largely because of the lack of processing power. While the Galaxy S has a 1GHz A8 processor, the Galaxy Ace only has an 800MHz A11 processor. Add to this the limited amount of memory, and you have a relatively slower system.

Another aspect that was greatly affected by the lack of processing power is Flash support. Android 2.2, which is what the Galaxy Ace comes with, has Flash capabilities in the browser, but this is disabled in the Galaxy Ace as it may be too sluggish to enjoy or may not work at all.

So basically, it all winds down to what you want and what you can afford. If price is no problem, then the Galaxy S is the sure winner. But for those on a budget, the Galaxy Ace is a worthy compromise.


1. The Galaxy S is a high-end phone while the Galaxy Ace is a mid-range phone.
2. The Galaxy S has a bigger screen than the Galaxy Ace.
3. The Galaxy S can record HD video while the Galaxy Ace cannot.
4. The Galaxy S has a more powerful processor than the Galaxy Ace.
5. The Galaxy S has in-browser Flash support while the Galaxy Ace does not.

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