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NDS vs NDS Lite

Nintendo has a knack for introducing ideas that have never been tried before in their gaming devices. One of their innovative products is the NDS, which was then followed by the NDS Lite. The main difference between the two, as already hinted by the name, is the size of the device. The NDS Lite is significantly lighter and smaller than the NDS. This makes the NDS Lite a lot more portable and easier to carry around than its predecessor.

Although the NDS Lite is smaller than the NDS, there is nothing small when it comes to the other changes. The screen of the NDS Lite is bigger than that of the NDS by just a small fraction of an inch. But, more importantly, the screen of the NDS Lite is much brighter for greater visibility when playing outside. Unlike the NDS where you can only turn the backlight on or off, there are four brightness levels in the NDS Lite giving you the option between increased battery life and greater visibility.

Then there’s the battery. The NDS has an 850mAh, which gives it a battery life of around six to ten hours. In contrast, the NDS Lite has a battery with a 1,000mAh capacity. The NDS Lite can last as short as 5 hours at the highest brightness level and as long as 19 hours at the lower brightness level. So you have a lot of control over the longevity of the battery, and you can choose to conserve power when you are going to be away for a long time.

One complaint some people had about the NDS is the small stylus that is quite difficult to handle for people with small hands. In the NDS Lite, the length of the stylus has been extended by about a centimeter, and the thickness has been increased as well to improve one’s grip.

The NDS Lite is not really a totally different gaming device, and the games that you can play on one are also playable on the NDS. Regardless, the NDS Lite is a significant improvement over the NDS and should be the better choice for those who don’t own an NDS.


1.The NDS Lite is smaller and lighter than the NDS.
2.The NDS Lite has a slightly bigger screen than the NDS.
3.The NDS Lite has a bigger battery than the NDS.
4.The NDS Lite has a bigger stylus than the NDS.

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