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Difference Between Nintendo DSi and DS Lite

Nintendo DSi vs DS Lite

The DSi is the portable gaming console that succeeded the DS Lite. A lot has changed in the more than two years’ time between the DS Lite and the DSi. One of the most noticeable differences between the DSi and DS Lite is the slightly bigger screen. Because the DSi is not that much bigger than the DS Lite, the quarter inch difference (3.0 to 3.25) is very prominent. The screen also provides an additional level of brightness so that you can fine tune and get the right trade-off between brightness and battery life.

New to the DSi is the addition of two VGA cameras which were not present on the DS Lite and other older DS models. One camera is located at the outside cover while the second is located inside right on the hinge. It allows the DSi to take pictures, and the camera on the hinge can even be used as another game control. To be able to store photos and other media, the DSi has added a memory card slot that can accommodate SD cards. SD cards are readily available since many manufacturers produce them. The DS Lite has no memory card slot and relies solely on its paltry internal memory.

The change from DS to DSi indicates a more radical change within. DSi units have an expanded software library that is not supported in older DS units like the DS Lite. Because of this, DSi software would not run on the DS Lite. Still, the DSi manages to retain all the libraries of the DS, and it is able to play all games that were meant for the DS and DS Lite. The DSi did sacrifice the slot for Gameboy Advance cartridges. Many users thought that it was a disproportionate sacrifice just to make the DSi a bit slimmer. The DS Lite has the Gameboy Advance slot and is capable of playing any Gameboy Advance game.


1.The DSi has a slightly bigger screen than the DS Lite.
2.The DSi has five brightness levels while the DS Lite only has four.
3.The DSi has dual cameras while the DS Lite has none.
4.The DSi has an SD card slot while DS Lite doesn’t.
5.The DSi can run DSi exclusive software while the DS Lite cannot.
6.The DS Lite can play Gameboy Advance games while the DSi cannot.

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