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Difference Between NDS and DS Lite

nintendo-ds-pdNDS vs. DS Lite

If there are console wars between the Xbox, PS2 and Wii, there sure is another realm of war happening between portable gaming devices. In this aspect, one of the most reputable and well-loved handy game consoles is the NDS, or Nintendo DS.

Due to its massive success, the NDS underwent many upgrades and revisions. One of the most popular new versions is the NDS Lite. Yes, the Nintendo DS Lite is actually patterned from the NDS, but offers many more brand new feature specifications. Launched in 2006, the NDS Lite skyrocketed the sales of Nintendo, but what really makes this portable console different, is mentioned below:

The NDS Lite is actually a lighter, not to mention, slimmer version of the NDS console. The latter is about 21% heavier than the NDS Lite. It is also said that the NDS Lite is very similar to its original predecessor, in terms of its overall capabilities. However, this newer model has four different levels of screen brightness. This means that the user can choose the level of brightness that he or she mostly prefers. Nevertheless, it is ironic to note, that some users claim even the lowest brightness level of the DS Lite to be, in fact, even brighter than the original NDS.

In addition, its batteries are said to last longer than those of the NDS. Sometimes, the NDS Lite can stretch its operations to 19 hours, compared to NDS’ 10 to 14 hours of uninterruptible power.

In terms of aesthetics, the NDS Lite has a glossy and semi transparent outer casing. It’s relatively easier to spot the charging light and battery indicators, because these were transferred to the upper right corner of the console (right hinge). This feature makes the lights viewable even if the unit is closed. Moreover, the select and start buttons are now placed at the touch screen’s lower right hand side. The other buttons like the standard X, Y, A, B, etc., are now patterned after the Wii. The stylus as well, is much bigger in size compared to the original NDS.

1. The NDS is the original DS portable gaming console from Nintendo. It was launched at an earlier year compared to its successors, including the NDS Lite, which was launched in the year 2006.

2. The NDS is 21% heavier than the NDS Lite. More so, it is much thicker than the newer DS versions.

3. The NDS Lite is able to run for 19 hours. This is much longer compared to the 10 to 14 hours of run time for the original NDS.

4. The NDS Lite has four levels of screen brightness when compared to the NDS.

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  1. Can the Nintendo DS and DS lite use the same charger??

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